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Leading IT Company Expands into California Using Opus Virtual Offices


Expanding a business to establish a new market or better serve the needs of an existing market can be a double edged sword. The opportunity for new clients, an enhanced reputation, and increased sales and profits are powerful incentives. The expense and logistics of obtaining real estate and staffing, and managing them remotely is a powerful disincentive. What to do? Acquire a virtual office, of course. Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, has the solution.

For a low monthly cost, it offers a complete system that provides all the tools a business needs to open and operate a new branch office while eliminating the need for physical space. That’s exactly what Blue Light IT, a dynamic company providing cloud servers to a wide range of businesses and IT support for client’s computers and network chose to do. It found the perfect solution by utilizing the Opus VO program and has announced the addition of a Los Angeles virtual branch office. This will augment its east coast operations.

“Opening our new virtual office in Los Angeles has allowed us to leverage our existing infrastructure on the east coast in order to remotely support users in the west. Thanks to the low cost Opus virtual office solution we are able to provide highly competitive pricing to the west coast market,” said Amir Sachs, CEO, Blue Light IT, about the benefits of acquiring his LA virtual office.

Opus Virtual Offices Can Help

For the nominal fee of only $99 per month, Opus helps companies such as Blue Light IT expand without incurring substantial overhead. It provides a professional image with a corporate address and requires no physical office to pay for or maintain. Be it a sophisticated hi tech company such as Bluelight or a design firm, even an entirely web based business. Opus Virtual Offices can create a complete office presence. Along with the corporate address, Opus clients receive a dedicated phone and fax line, premium call forwarding, voicemail and fax that converts to email, and live, professional receptionists, never outsourced, to take calls and messages. Blue Light IT had no doubt this is exactly what it needed to smoothly and inexpensively expand its reach and customer base 3000 miles. And Opus will do the same for other expanding businesses.

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