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Mother’s Day Sale

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5 Apps for Time Management


By Brianna Hansen, Author at Blog Wrike

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” Chances are, you’ve muttered this at some point during your workday. Thanks to the constant barrage of meetings, emails, and instant messages we receive, free time is a scarce commodity. Time management has grown into an empire of applications, software, and hardware all with the sole purpose of making sure every minute you spend at work is productive.

From calendars to tomato timers, here are the best time management apps to manage your life.

Best Free Time Management Apps

1. Evernote

Notes, memos, images, checklists… you name it! Evernote will not only store it, but make it easily accessible via search using optical character recognition (OCR). Still a fan of pencil and paper? Snap a pic of your handwritten note and store it in Evernote for easy access and distribution.

2. Grammarly

If you’re anything like me, you read your emails 3 to 4 times before hitting “Send.” Then you don’t read them again for fear that you missed an obvious typo. Grammarly addresses that worry by acting as a second pair of eyes on your writing. Pointing out everything from misused to overused words, this free app does all the grammar policing for you, so you can focus on the work that matters.

3. RescueTime

We waste a lot of time on the internet. This free time management app tells you exactly where you’re spending your time and how much you’re actually wasting, so you can find a healthy balance of productivity and relaxation. Receive detailed reports with time spent on certain websites, log accomplishments and completed tasks, and find out how much time you’re spending in meetings and on email so you can better manage your workday.

4. Wunderlist

They say the best ideas come to you from just about anywhere (even in the shower). Well, now there’s a place to quickly capture them. Download Wunderlist and keep ideas close at hand by simply opening up a new tab and jotting them down. Everything from daily to-dos and favorite recipes to in-depth strategies for taking over the world, Wunderlist is your competent companion for getting sh*t done.

5. Pocket

How many times a day do you stop what you’re doing to read an interesting article or watch a funny video someone sent you? If this is stifling your productivity, try Pocket. This productivity management app keeps the momentum going by bookmarking articles for later. So when you get all your work out of the way, there’s no shortage of captivating content to read.

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