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Roofers Benefiting from Virtual Office


As a busy roofer and the owner of your own successful business, you may find that your hands are often too full to take care of scheduling appointments and fielding inquiries from potential customers as they arise.

“Check out the story of John above and how he was able to succeed with the help of a Virtual Office”

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Tips on Launching Your Startup in 2014

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start up

Hello 2014! This will be a great year! Yes, that’s right a great one in fact and you better believe it.

After rough times, this year is finally coming at us with a positive economy on the rise, people are spending more money and investors are looking out for the new entrepreneurs. This also means it’s a great time to get that start-up you’ve always wanted up and running, so we have put together some tips that will help you along the way. Continue reading “Tips on Launching Your Startup in 2014”

I Got Stuck in an Office Lease


Real Stories from Entrepreneurs

business woman standing with filesPia started leasing an office very soon after starting a business, without considering that her business might change. She suggests that new business owners plan carefully before leasing an office to avoid the problems that she faced.

“Office space is an important part of many businesses, but securing a good leasing contract is essential so that you don’t get stuck like I did. Long before you start researching locations and buildings, first objectively assess whether your business really needs one in the first place. Signing up for the services of a virtual office is an effective way to fulfill your need for telephone and fax messaging without getting stuck in a long term contract. That’s what happened to me.

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Zip Codes Matter in Business, get the right one with a Virtual Office

rodeo drive & via rodeo signs
Beverly Hills is a great location for businesses

Your zip code is nothing but a string of numbers, often unnoticed in the corner of your business card or company letterhead. While you might not be paying attention to your zip code, it is very likely that your clients are. Not only does your business address matter to prospective clients, it matters to the search engines as well. With Google increasingly focusing on the needs of mobile searchers the utilization of a true commercial address can be critical to the success of local SEO efforts. In every city, there are some zip codes and street addresses that are known as commercial districts while others are instantly recognizable as residential ones.

Clients who are familiar with you and your products will probably not mind that your business is home-based, but you also need new clients if your business is going to progress. When given the choice between a home-business and one based in a commercial district, clients who don’t know you will probably go with the latter.

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Enter the US Market with a Virtual Office


US Map showing business expansionThousands of international firms see the U.S. market as a place to build their business. For companies based in Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and every other region in the world, breaking into the U.S. market means an entry into one of the most lucrative markets with hundreds of millions of consumers who pack substantial purchasing power. Successful operations in the U.S. also lead to world-wide recognition and even a more impressive customer profile back in their home country. Among the main barriers that prevent access to the U.S. are the sizeable investment and the amount of effort necessary to set up a branch on foreign shores. Of course, these challenges only apply to the task of setting up a physical office. A virtual office in the U.S., on the other hand, can be set up easily, at very low cost.

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A Virtual Office is a must for home based business


Woman holding open signA virtual office representing a home based business is not just an option anymore, its a must.

When the concept of a virtual office was developed it was mainly to give the home based business owner a “Corporate Image” designed to make a business appear larger than it was. This worked out well for appearance but what about efficiency, as a small home based business owner, I realized just looking big, wasn’t enough, I needed to be big. My virtual office service provider has provided me with this. My home based business is internet driven, most of my clients contact me and communicate through internet resources and telephone, so why a virtual office for me, clients wouldn’t know the difference… Yes they would.

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What’s in an effective Business Name?

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Effective Business Name A lot, when it comes to small-business success. Choosing the right business name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. Ideally, your business name should reflect the products, services being provided, the expertise, value and quality of the product or service as well.

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Virtual Office Services Offered


virtual office servicesVirtual offices are very different these days compared to twenty years ago. Nowadays, technology and equipment have made it possible for businesses to operate from a virtual office without their clients and associates knowing the difference. If you are in the market for a virtual office, make sure you choose one which has been in operation for some time and that has the operations in different cities. Service packages may vary from one company to another, but these are some of the basic virtual office services you should expect. Continue reading “Virtual Office Services Offered”

Why a Business Mailing Address is important


Business mailing address boxHere at Opus Virtual Office we understand the needs and concerns of home based business owner’s, small start-up businesses and the established companies looking to expand or set up satellite offices. We provide more than just a professional image. Understanding what a virtual office is and how it can be a necessity to the Home based business owner wanting to develop a professional image, the budget conscious start-up business owners looking for ways to save capital on expected start up costs and the established businesses looking to expand their territory into new markets.

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Office Lease Agreement, What Should it Include?


office lease agreement in buildingYou might be signing an office lease agreement for the first time, but this doesn’t mean that you should leave everything up to the landlord or agent. Don’t take his or her word that the way things are being handled are “standard procedure”.

While most people are scrupulous, some may take advantage of you. Knowing what should be in an office lease agreement will protect you and your business and help build a good relationship between you and your landlord.

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