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Virtual Office Services Offered


virtual office servicesVirtual offices are very different these days compared to twenty years ago. Nowadays, technology and equipment have made it possible for businesses to operate from a virtual office without their clients and associates knowing the difference. If you are in the market for a virtual office, make sure you choose one which has been in operation for some time and that has the operations in different cities. Service packages may vary from one company to another, but these are some of the basic virtual office services you should expect. Continue reading “Virtual Office Services Offered”

A Boca Raton Virtual Office for your business


Opus Virtual Offices invites you to have a virtual office in one of the most prestigious business address in Boca Raton.

OpusVO is the premium source for virtual offices services throughout the US, providing businesses with all the necessary tools needed in an office to be successful including but not limited to, live receptionist to take your business calls and business mailing addresses.

boca raton virtual office business womanBecome one of our family members with a Boca Raton Virtual Office and take advantage of our great services to optimize operations and receive professional daily operational support. Whether you are a home based business owner looking for prestige and some help with the daily grind, a start-up company with limited working capital or a solid corporation on the rise, our professional staff is ready to provide the utmost in professional business services available.

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Why a Business Mailing Address is important


Business mailing address boxHere at Opus Virtual Office we understand the needs and concerns of home based business owner’s, small start-up businesses and the established companies looking to expand or set up satellite offices. We provide more than just a professional image. Understanding what a virtual office is and how it can be a necessity to the Home based business owner wanting to develop a professional image, the budget conscious start-up business owners looking for ways to save capital on expected start up costs and the established businesses looking to expand their territory into new markets.

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Office Space Buying vs Renting


Office Space in buildingYour business is going well and sales are increasing; in fact you might need some extra employees to handle calls and mail. When your business reaches this stage, there are several important decisions to be made, starting with office space. While a home office may have served you just fine up to this point, you are now trying to work with the big names in your industry. To really establish your company, you will need an office from which to headquarter your operations. But should you buy commercial property or just rent it?

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Opus VO Launches Latest Business Services Package


business services in new york cityLeading U.S. virtual office company, Opus Virtual Offices has launched another business services package that will continue its success in the virtual office industry. With addresses in some of the most prestigious commercial districts in the U.S., the company is supporting the success of companies in 220 locations, from Alabama and Colorado, to New York, Virginia and Wisconsin.

With the latest promotion, Opus VO is offering huge price cuts on the same world-class business services that allow businesses in every industry handle their operations efficiently without the effort needed to run a physical office. At $99 per month, even the smallest businesses can operate like a big corporation, with an impressive address and a receptionist to pick up customer calls during office hours. The staff members at Opus VO are trained to respond to calls using a company’s signature message, which establishes a distinctive corporate identity.

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Selecting a Suitable Office Rental Space


Office Rental, What is the right one for you?

Starting and running your own business is an exciting experience. For many entrepreneurs, there is nothing more stimulating than being able to put their creativity to practice, in coming up with new and innovative products and services. However, there are some practical issues that you need to deal with as well, from company registration to setting up an office space. There are lots of options when deciding on a location from which to run your business, including working from home, office rental, sharing an office space and having a virtual office.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be able to cut costs by launching your business from your desk or study. On the other hand, if you expect to meet clients regularly, using the local café as a meeting place is probably not going to give a good impression. Decide on the minimum office space you need and start reviewing office rental prices in different parts of town. Do some calculations to see whether you can afford to run an office, and don’t forget to include costs like deposits, utilities, furniture and equipment.

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Is it possible to get a Free Virtual Office?


free virtual office ideaOpus Virtual Offices is the largest Virtual Office Provider in the US and yes they are giving the opportunity to get a free virtual office absolutely free!

As the largest provider of Virtual Offices in the US, Opus has come up with a way to help new businesses and entrepreneurs expand or open their businesses anywhere in the US absolutely free. This effort was made to provide clients even more cost reductions on their startups so they can focus on doing business and not have the worries of expenses.

With a Free Virtual Office clients will still have access to all the great features and services Opus provides like a live professional receptionist answering calls on their business behalf, a corporate mailing address where they can receive mail and packages, a local business phone number, Voice mail boxes and much more that is included in the Virtual Office Package.
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