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Life In The Fast Lane. Commuting To Your Virtual Office

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The daily commute to the office can be the most stressful part of a businessperson’s day.  As well as the biggest waste of time.  And the most dangerous.  Unless, of course, you’re commuting to your virtual office.  In that case your daily commute is virtually nonexistent!

I read a sobering article in The Economist about the state of transportation in the U.S.  The article focused on infrastructure problems with our highways, rails, and congested airports, but the bottom line was clear.  Our daily commutes are stressful, and waste time and money.  It takes Americans longer to get to work than citizens of nearly any other industrialized country in the world.  What countries were worse?  Romania and Hungary!  What countries had faster, safer commutes?  Just about everyone else.

Commuting To Your Virtual Office

There have always been a lot of great reasons to operate virtual offices.  Now eliminate the wasted time and increased gas and transportation costs required to get to a physical office, and virtual offices just become even more appealing.

A virtual office lets you work remotely from one location while gaining an enhanced corporate image with a prestigious address in any of hundreds of available locations.  In addition, an Opus virtual office is a proven program offering advanced communications and real, live professional receptionists handling your clients calls personally.

If you work from a home office, a virtual office offers all these benefits while your commute is virtually zero.
If you work from a physical office, a virtual office offers you all these benefits allowing you to expand your reach into multiple locations while your commuting time and expense remains fixed.

Don’t waste time, money and aggravation with unnecessary commuting.  Visit us at www.opusvirtualoffices.com  for details.

The Advantages Of Having A Virtual Office In Charlotte, N.C.


Opening a virtual office is a great way to enhance your company's image virtually anywhere, and one sweet location for your virtual office is 'the Queen City', Charlotte, NC.


In researching this fascinating city, I was surprised – and impressed – to learn that Charlotte is not only a major financial center, it is the second largest in the U.S. after New York City.  And if you're not a Charlottean, as residents are called, I'll give you a prize if you knew that either.  All kidding aside, a terrific place to consider opening a virtual office!


Bank of America, has its headquarters in Charlotte and it is also home of East Coast Operations for Wells Fargo.  Duke Energy headquarters here in the so-called Tower of Power – a corporation that is poised to become the largest electric utility in the country if a scheduled merger is approved.  And with its mild climate, professional sports teams, universites and and culture, the city has seen remarkable growth in recent years.


In addition, celebrity chef Emeril LaGasse is planning on opening one of his signature restaurants in Charlotte, and it will be the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.


All this points to Charlotte as an excellent location to expand the reach and polish the image of your business with a virtual office.  A  Charlotte virtual office will give you a prime corporate address while you conduct business remotely from wherever you currently are.  New clients will be impressed with your new virtual office offering local telephone and fax, shipping, advanced communications like voicemail converting to email audio files, and especially with the friendly and professional live receptionists answering their calls.


What are you waiting for?   An Opus virtual office in Charlotte can be yours for only $99 a month.  Stop by www.opusvirtualoffices.com and see how easy it is.

Facebook Test-Marketing ‘Deals’ In Five Top Opus Virtual Office Cities


A virtual approach to coupon distribution that offers great real-life deals to customers and excellent exposure for businesses is the latest rage.  Sounds a lot like the benefits of a virtual office, doesn’t it?

The Groupon business model has been red-hot, with Living Social and others, as well as the giant, Google Offers, climbing on the bandwagon.  Now Facebook, with its built-in 600 million member consumer base, has just announced its own Deals program.  Facebook is hoping that its ability to tap into its massive network will help it offer a compelling service to challenge its competitors.

Virtual coupons that can be scanned off a customer’s cell phone is a highly innovative way of doing business.   A virtual office is also a highly innovative way of doing business: shouldn’t you open one now?

Facebook is test-marketing its Deals program in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego.  These cities just happen to be very popular Opus Virtual Office locations.  Do you think Facebook might be onto something?  A virtual office in any of these cities, or hundreds of others, is yours almost instantly and at a surprisingly low cost.  Your business gets a corporate address, telephone and fax number, shipping and mailing, as well as a complete package of digital services designed for your own and your customers’ convenience.  And live professional receptionists answering the phone personally is a  unique feature that’s hard to beat.

Think ‘innovative’ when it comes to meeting your customer’s needs.  Visit us at www.opusvirtualoffices.com for all the details.

Let Us Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Offer Of A Virtual Office, Of Course


I've always wanted to use that terrific quote – voted the second most memorable quote in movie history by the American Film Institute – and writing about Opus Virtual Offices has definitely given me my big chance!


It's sometimes surprised me, when speaking with otherwise-savvy entrepreneurs, to discover that some haven't really given thought to how valuable and cost-effective opening a virtual office can be.  Even more surprising is finding out that others did not even know that virtual offices existed.


Today, I'd like to get back to basics: offering just a handful of the many reasons why small companies should always consider the benefits of operating one or more virtual offices. Particularly from Opus Virtual Offices, the ultimate business solution.

1. Enhanced company image.
If you run a solo business out of your home, a virtual office gives you a corporate address, immediately cementing your professional credibility. If you run a bigger business, additional satellite branches with high-profile addresses in cities of your choice upgrades your image and allows you to expand your market presence and name recognition.
2.  All at extremely low cost.
$99 a month, to be exact.  No rental commitment to high-cost physical space.  No utility bills, no additional infrastructure and equipment, no hiring, paying salaries, or managing additional staff.
3. Nothing beats personal service. 
Included in Opus Virtual Office's low cost package are live, trained, professional receptionists answering customer calls personally with greetings customized by you; efficiently routing messages wherever they need to go.  Real people answering phones is often the difference between clinching or losing a deal or client.
4. The technology is available.  If you don't grab it, your competition will.
Advanced communications is how business is done today.  Your virtual office comes with a local corporate telephone and and fax number, voicemail that converts to WAV audio files and premium paging and call forwarding.
Now tell me how anyone can refuse all this for only $99 a month!  Head over to www.opusvirtualoffices.com to get started now.

With Gas Prices Rising, A Virtual Office Is Just A Matter Of Dollars And Sense

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Pulling into a gas station these days is about as pleasant as visiting the dentist.  If you’re a businessperson running multiple offices, business travel costs can mount up quickly – and painfully.  But if you’re operating  virtual offices, staying on top of business is pain-free.

The New York Times reports that gas prices are precariously starting to approach the bleak levels of three years ago, when the average price per gallon of regular gas hit $4.11 in July 2008.  The average price now, with 100,000 stations surveyed, is $3.77.  In some states, it’s a lot higher.  I know I paid $3.91 for self-service the other day.

A Virtual Office Is Just A Matter Of Dollars

With gas prices like this, the  immediate benefit of virtual offices becomes crystal clear.  Controlling costs is one of the main requirements for the success of any business.  With traditional physical office space, the cost of transportation for the necessary staffing, as well for overseeing operations, is now spiraling dangerously upwards.

But with virtual offices, you can run a multiple branch business remotely from a single location.  Transportation costs are dramatically decreased, and you eliminate the other operational expenses inherent in managing physical offices.  Yet your company’s impact can stretch across a territory, a state, or even the entire country!

Choose Opus Virtual Offices and get a complete virtual office package for only $99 a month.  Your company will receive a quality corporate business address with local telephone and fax numbers in any of our hundreds of locations from coast to coast, as well as shipping services, customized voicemail that converts to email, premium call transferring, and professional, live receptionists personally answering and directing your customers’ calls.

Who knows where gas prices will be even two weeks from now?  Opus Virtual Offices can save dollars and makes a lot of sense.  Visit us without spending a dime on gas at www.opusvirtualoffices.com today.

Need A Virtual Office Virtually Anywhere? There’s An App For That.

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Want to expand your business lightning fast, in any of hundreds of highly desirable locations across the country, without renting a traditional office, paying utility bills, purchasing additional  equipment, or dealing with the hassles of hiring and retaining employees?  Oh, and at an extremely low cost too.  Sound impossible?

We have an app for that.  We call it the ultimate office solution.  Welcome to Opus Virtual Offices.

Virtual Office Virtually Anywhere

Opening a virtual office is the perfect alternative to a physical office when freedom of choice, maximum flexibility, and cost effectiveness are high priorities.  Indeed, virtual offices have been identified as one the biggest trends in small business management for 2011.

There are solid reasons for this.  The  rise of high speed internet and digital communications services has revolutionized the way we do business today.  Physical space is no longer necessary: it can limit your boundaries and be prohibitively expensive.  Your business is your ideas and services; not concrete and brick.  Virtually anywhere your customers are, your virtual office is there for them, offering instant visibility and a strong market presence.  Go from local to universal in the time it takes to contact Opus Virtual Offices and letting us go to work for you.

The Opus Virtual Office ultimate business solution lets you choose a prestigious address in any of hundreds of locations across the country – virtually anywhere.  Your company receives a local telephone and fax number, voicemail boxes that convert to email audio files, premium paging and call forwarding, and live, highly trained receptionists answering the phones, offering your customers a consistent, professional and very personal experience.

Head over to Opus Virtual Offices and see what all the buzz is about.

You Can’t Get An Office In Washington, D.C. For Only $99! You Sure Can If It’s An Opus Virtual Office

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With the 2nd most expensive office space in the country, a Washington, D.C. office might seem far out of reach for most small businesses.   But with a virtual office, your business is sitting pretty in the capital of the U.S.

What can be said about this most historic of metropolitan areas?  Well, we’ll stay out of politics and stick with virtual offices, OK?

Without question, a Washington, D.C. Virtual Office with a downtown address communicates a powerful statement about your company’s clout.  The centers of all three branches of the U.S. federal government are located in the District and it is home to many of the nation’s most important monuments and museums.  It’s the the head of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and hosts 174 foreign embassies.  The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a highly respected cultural icon located here, and five major professional sports are represented.

And, as surprising as it sounds, for $99 a month, an Opus Virtual Office  puts your company here too!

Virtual Office In Washington, D.C.

Wherever your company’s home base is, adding a virtual office branch in Washington, D.C. confers immediate credibility and visibility that is hard to match.  Your clients know you mean serious business when your company displays a corporate address and local telephone and fax number in the District’s busy downtown.  Also included in the Opus Virtual Office package is state-of-the-art digital communications in the form of fax forwarded to email in pdf format, voicemail converting to email as a WAV file, premium paging and call forwarding, and professional live receptionists answering and directing your clients’ calls personally.

One of Washington, D.C.’s famed drawbacks is heavy commuter traffic during the business week.  That will never be your problem with a virtual office.  Details at opusvirtualoffices.com

Need A Receptionist To Answer Your Phones in Atlanta? Craigslist: $12 An Hour. Opus Virtual Office: $99 A Month

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Let’s see.  if my calculations are right, the virtual office saves you $1821 per month!

Few small businesses are so small they couldn’t use a receptionist just to answer phones.  And if you’re a one man band, lots of time can be wasted on the phone, focusing on one customer, opportunity, or problem to the detriment of all the others being put off.  I’d like to show you how an Opus Virtual Office can be the perfect solution.

Virtual Office Atlanta

To make the comparison between hiring a receptionist vs. acquiring a virtual office, I chose the city of Atlanta.  The ninth largest metropolitan area in the U.S., it boasts the world headquarters of Delta Airlines, AT&T, Home Depot, Turner Broadcasting, UPS, and The Coca Cola Company.  Atlanta’s International Airport is the busiest in the world.  That really fascinated me.  And it’s a world-class center for tourism, culture, and professional sports.   A great city to open a virtual office.

On Craigslist, I searched Atlanta listings for Receptionists needed only to answer phones and take messages.  I found that $12 an hour was a frequent offering, not even the highest.  You would now have to screen, hire, decide on benefits, train, and hope the individual worked out.

How does that compare to an Opus Virtual Office package?  Not even close!  In addition to live, trained professional receptionists answering phones personally with a greeting customized to your requirements, your virtual office includes a corporate address, phone and fax number in Atlanta or the city of your choice, shipping services, voicemail converting to email, and premium call forwarding.  All for $99 a month!

Forget Craigslist.  Well, for hiring a receptionist anyway.  Head over to www.opusvirtualoffices.com to get started.

Joe The Plumber Gets Out Of Hot Water With A Virtual Office In Fort Lauderdale


An actual story of Joe the Plumber, lots of water, yours truly, and Opus Virtual Office to the rescue.

One morning a few months ago, I went into my kitchen to put up a pot of coffee and stepped into a deep pool of water cascading from under the sink.  A quick inspection proved me clueless, and new to the neighborhood, sent me running to my neighbor for a plumber referral.  Yes, this is about the benefits of a virtual office; bear with me.

Joe the Plumber arrived quickly and we spent the first few minutes joking that he always spends the first few minutes of new housecalls joking that he’s not ‘The’ Joe the Plumber of election-time fame.  Then he set to work.  Or so I thought.  But it seemed that ‘this’ Joe the Plumber was a very popular guy, due to a great reputation and fair fees.

Virtual Office In Fort Lauderdale

The front of his body buried under my sink, he spent as much time on his constantly ringing cell phone taking emergency calls – I think all plumbing calls are emergency calls – as he did replacing hoses and removing  foreign objects from my garbage disposal.  A dozen times, he was interrupted by a call and a dozen times he apologized.

I wasn’t going to let this fine fellow out of my kitchen without a testimonial on how a virtual office might benefit an independent contractor.  I explained how he could choose an Opus Virtual Office at a quality business address near his home in Fort Lauderdale, with business phone and fax number, shipping services, voicemail, call forwarding, and professional live receptionists who would courteously answer all his calls promptly, routing the information to him on a customized schedule.  It was the live receptionists that sold him.

A few weeks ago I saw Joe again, getting out of his truck in my neighborhood.  He had indeed invested in an Opus Virtual Office in Fort Lauderdale and he was one happy plumber!
Get your small business out of hot water by visiting us at www.opusvirtualoffices.com

Virtual Office As Health Cure!?

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There’s no need to juggle ten things at once when you can open an opus virtual office instead.

It seems like every day we try to squeeze in more tasks at once.  We’re speaking to one client on one phone, a second is on hold on another; we’re writing an email, and checking the latest sports scores, all at the same time.  While we’ve been told that multitasking can hurt accuracy and performance, we keep on doing it anyway.  But did you know that constant multitasking can lead to mental burnout, anxiety, and depression?
And now, there are studies showing that multitasking can also affect our short-term memory.

Virtual Office As Health Cure

A recent research study at the University of California at San Francisco found that dividing attention and switching back and forth affects working memory and can cause short-term memory loss, especially as we get older.  Burnout?  Depression?  Memory loss?  Certainly no small businessperson can afford these conditions.  Let a virtual office provide the Rx.

A virtual office takes the burden of trying to cope with too many tasks by yourself, especially if you’re a home-based entrepreneur with little or no ancillary staff.  A virtual office can ‘become’ your staff, for a surprisingly low cost.  Pick a location as near or far from your base of operations as you want, and let the virtual office work for you.  You get a corporate address,  as well as telephone, and fax number.   Voicemail converts automatically to email, and call forwarding reaches you wherever you are.  You can relax and focus on your customers while professional live receptionists take and route your calls.

De-stress your business and your life with an opus virtual office right now.  It’s just what the doctor ordered!  Visit us at www.opusvirtualoffices.com

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