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Mapquest Celebrates It’s 15th Birthday With Funny Directions Stories. But With A Virtual Office In Denver You Can’t Go Wrong

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How many times has Mapquest led you astray?  With a virtual office in Denver, Mapquest’s headquarters, you won’t be making any wrong turns.

The origin of Mapquest was a map-making business started in 1967, but it was in 1996 that Mapquest.com was launched.  Now headquartered in Denver, Colorado, a grand party was held on April 25 to celebrate its 15th year as the original online mapping program and to showcase its updated tools and logo.

Funny horror stories almost always accompany Mapquest, Google Maps, or GPS literal directions.  To begin with, the first 5 instructions usually direct people how to get out of their own street.  Then there are the instances of being directed the wrong way on one-way streets, or being sent on convoluted routes twice as long as the best routes.  As one man put it: ” I almost always wind up at my destination – even if I nearly get killed a couple of times in the process.”  With an opus virtual office, we guarantee safe and timely arrivals – because you’ll never leave home-base!

Virtual Office In Denver

Denver is a great city to consider for your virtual office.  The mile-high city is the 24th most populous in the U.S., and is perfectly situated to be a major transportation and telecommunications hub.  Comcast, Starz-Encore, DIRECTV, and Dish Network have large operations there.  It is also headquarters to Molson Coors Brewing Co., many popular restaurant chains, major sports teams, and it has a low unemployment rate.

Your customers can’t get lost on their way to your opus virtual office in Denver.  Technology-driven, smooth virtual access is achieved through a corporate address, telephone and fax, and state-of-the-art voicemail and email systems.  Professional, live receptionists give them personalized service and lead them right to you, with never a wrong turn.

Head on over to www.opusvirtualoffices.com for the details.

It’s The Age Of Customization: How Do You Take Your Coffee? Half Caff, Extra Foam. How Do You Take Your Office? Virtual, Please

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The customization trend isn’t new (think Burger King’s Have It You Way) but it’s hotter than ever, and nothing customizes your small business better than opening a virtual office exactly where and how your customers want it!

From the details of how we like our coffee to the almost unlimited personal settings on our digital devices, from our child’s photo on a birthday cake to athletic shoes molded to our feet, personalized products and services are everywhere.

How Do You Take Your Office

These strategies exist because once the technology becomes available, customers demand flexibility and freedom in choosing products and services.  It’s important to pay attention to these customers and find an innovative edge to woo them.  Consider that a virtual office can offer the ultimate in a customized client experience.

If a client is only comfortable doing business with a west coast company, you have high profile addresses in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco.  If a client needs to do business in the south, your virtual offices are ready for them in Atlanta, Miami, or Memphis.  No matter where your home office is.

Your clients want to deal with a company that has customized state-of-the-art communications.  With an Opus virtual office, voicemail and faxes convert to email, and deluxe paging and call transferring are standard, at amazingly low cost.  And there is nothing a customer appreciates more than personalized treatment when phoning.  With Opus virtual offices, real live receptionists answer calls with a greeting customized to your requirements.

Give your customers the personalized service they deserve.  And demand.  Check us out at www.opusvirtualoffices.com.

With a Virtual Office in Dallas, Your Satisfied Customers Are Your Best Advertisement

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There’s no better advertisement than word of mouth, and once you open a virtual office in Dallas, you’ll be telling your friends about the benefits, because your customers will be telling their friends!

There’s a restaurant in Dallas, actually within walking distance of one of the opus virtual office locations, that is so successful by word of mouth alone, it doesn’t need to advertise.
A highly-touted five-star restaurant, Abacus is a labor of love for ‘Iron Chef America’ winner Chef Kent Rathbun, with an eclectic menu ranging from fine steaks to upscale barbecue and Mediterranean; and something called Lobster Shooters that is considered the finest appetizer in Dallas.
Virtual Office in Dallas

Now this isn’t a restaurant review, nor do I know Chef Rathbun,  but his establishment’s success is due to talent, hard work, and exceeding his customers’ expectations.  Let me suggest that by opening a virtual office in Dallas, you can help your business do the same.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area is unsurprisingly Texas-sized, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the U.S..  It is a center for banking, telecommunications, energy and transportation, computer technology, and is home to twelve Fortune 500 companies, including ExxonMobil and American Airlines.  It is also a mecca for sports and the arts, and is the headquarters for The Susan B. Komen For the Cure organization.

With a virtual office in Dallas, you instantly show your clients that your company is important and has a major market presence.  The Opus Virtual Offices package offers state-of-the-art communications and other valuable business services.  Professional receptionists answer calls for that added personal touch that always impresses customers, and you can be sure they’ll be telling their colleagues and friends.

Good word of mouth can be more valuable than spending lots of ad dollars.  Visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com  for details.

Become A ‘Local’ Business in San Diego With A Virtual Office

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A business may be really cooking with great success in its current location, but, let’s face it, many clients like to feel they are dealing with a business that has a local presence near them.  There is no reason to fight this bias when it can be used to full advantage, and opening a virtual office is a savvy solution to this problem.

Recently, a construction business in a small city in California read of a building project that was beginning in San Diego.  The owners knew this was a juicy opportunity, since getting in the door in such a top location could lead to many more jobs there.  The second largest city in California, San Diego has been consistently rated highly by both Forbes and Money magazines as one of the best places to live in the U.S., as well as one of the wealthiest and safest.

Business in San Diego With A Virtual Office

But what if a bid from from a distant company wouldn’t be taken as seriously as a bid from a local firm?  That’s where the idea of opening a virtual office in San Diego came to the construction business owners and provided what turned out to be a winning solution.  And this can apply to any other business too.

Opening a virtual office in San Diego is easy and surprisingly affordable.  Wherever home base may be, a branch in a new location instantly makes a business part of the local community.  Besides affording an impressive corporate address, an opus virtual office includes well-trained professional receptionists answer client calls live, as well as voicemail, voicemail converted to email, premium call forwarding, shipping services, and other valuable tools.

Establishing a virtual office is the perfect solution to becoming a respected local business in San Diego or anywhere!  For more information go to our website at www.opusvirtualoffices.com

Will You Be Following the Royal Wedding? A Virtual Office Combines Tradition With The Latest Trends

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It’s no longer enough to run your business according to tradition. In order to keep up-to-date you probably need a virtual office.
When Prince William weds Kate Middleton on April 29, the tradition of centuries will be mingled with the latest in new media trends.  This glamorous event will be streamed live on the Internet, will have mobile applications, and the soundtrack of the ceremony will be released on iTunes within hours!

Virtual Office Combines Tradition With The Latest Trends

While I’m sure the British may be more wrapped up in the excitement of their future King’s nuptials than some Americans are, I know how, years ago, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana captured our imagination here in the rebellious colonies too.  I wonder if we had virtual offices back in 1981?

Well, you can be sure that this royal wedding, that most traditional of all acts, will be a multimedia, interactive, downloadable extravaganza.  Broadcasters from all over the world will be pooled with the BBC, which will be present in Westminster Abbey, and millions of people will surely be watching.  The Royal Family has created its own website, and there are royal wedding Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

If something as venerable and traditional as a royal wedding had to be updated to meet 2011 demands and needs,  so should the way business traditionally has been done.  And small business experts have pronounced virtual offices among the top 10 trends of 2011.

A virtual office utilizes the most cutting edge concepts available to small business and is the perfect alternative to traditional operations for companies who are looking to reduce costs yet retain the professional presence and integrity they require.  An opus virtual office offers a prestigious address in a choice location, providing a classy image to clients; and also provides a corporate phone and fax number, voicemail converting to email, premium call forwarding services, and professional live receptionists handling each customer contact royally.

The wedding of tradition and new ideas comes together regally with the acquisition of a virtual office.  The exciting details are available by visiting www.opusvirtualoffices.com.

Opening A Virtual Office in Las Vegas Is A Sure Bet

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“What Happens In Vegas…”

We all know the rest of that highly successful tag-line.  Images of glamorous secrets immediately pop into our heads.

But the city of Las Vegas is certainly no secret.  Billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, it is an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining.  The 2010 population is estimated to be 2.3 million, and as seen from space, Las Vegas is the brightest city in the world!  A terrific location for a virtual office.

Virtual Office in Las Vegas

Tourism, of course, is its main industry, and it is interesting to note that conventions, shopping, world-class restaurants, and natural beauty have become as much of a draw as the casinos and shows.  Additionally, Las Vegas has been expanding its research, banking, and manufacturing industries, as well as being a leader in technology and telecommunications.

Wherever your home office may be, maintaining a virtual office in Las Vegas enhances your national corporate prestige immediately.  In almost no time, an impressive corporate address in Las Vegas can be yours by opening a virtual office branch.  All without the hassle or cost of renting physical space,  paying for utilities, hiring employees, or purchasing additional equipment.

A virtual office offers an impressive corporate address, company phone and fax number, shipping and mailing, voicemail, premium call forwarding, and other valuable services.  And with professional receptionists answering phone calls live, you won’t be ‘gambling’ with client contacts.

Let your clients in on the ‘secret’ of  your successful business by establishing a virtual office in Las Vegas.  Head over to our website at www.opusvirtualoffices.com to see what the excitement is all about.

Wow Your Customers With a Virtual Office in New York

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There’s no place like New York to open a virtual office!

The City that Never Sleeps. The Capital of the World.  The Empire City.  As well as the home of Spiderman the Musical, which has been quite an object of discussion and derision lately, with all its mishaps, accidents, changes, and delayed opening.  Last and most fondly, The Big Apple.

Run an internet search of nicknames for large cities, and you’ll see that no city has as many nicknames as New York.

Virtual Office in New York

As the most populous city in the U.S., and a global center of finance, media, commerce, sports, culture, art, fashion, education, research, entertainment, and international affairs, it’s no surprise that New York deserves a few extra nicknames.

Would it be a surprise to find out that your business can have a presence in one of the most prominent cities in the world?  After all, everyone knows that rental space in New York is astronomical, as is the cost of transportation, meals, employee salaries, and just about any other service you need to run your business successfully.  But with a virtual office, it’s not only affordable, it’s a piece of Junior’s cheesecake!

Try thinking outside the box – the box of costly physical space –  and open a virtual office in New York.  For a monthly cost lower than the cost of a single meal at one of the city’s finer restaurants, you can have a virtual office with a prime New York address.  Your virtual office includes live professional receptionists personally answering client calls, dedicated company phone and fax number, voicemail and premium call transferring, shipping and mailing services, all with unlimited flexibility.

An opus virtual office will enable you to wow your customers by projecting a corporate presence on par with the ‘Big Boys’.  And in the Big Apple, that’s saying a mouthful.  Visit our website at www.opusvirtualoffices.com.

Multiple Virtual Offices Make Your Business Remarkable

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I haven’t read his latest book yet, just released in February, and the guru of the most unique business approaches possible certainly doesn’t need my endorsement, but I was re-reading Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin’ recently.  And immediately started thinking about how virtual offices fit so perfectly with his ideas on making a company invaluable and remarkable.  Unique, like his iconic Purple Cow.  I just know that Seth would give the thumbs up to an entrepreneur who knows how to utilize the virtual office concept in order to stand out from the pack.

irtual Offices Make Your Business Remarkable

While it’s fine having a single office in one area, or working out of a home office, it reduces your opportunities to grow your business into a more universal enterprise; and your clients’ perception of your authority might suffer.  It’s a lot better to have more than one location.  However, the cost of opening additional physical offices can be prohibitive.  Real estate commitments, operating expenses, the hassles of hiring and maintaing a staff, and other concerns can be a financial and logistical burden.  This is where virtual offices can shine.

Break out of small, everyday thinking by opening virtual offices in New York, Vegas, LA or Miami – as few or as many, as nearby or distant,  as your imagination can take you.

It’s amazing how much bang you can get for your buck when you open a virtual office!  With ‘virtually’ no overhead, a virtual office offers dedicated company phone and fax number, voicemail which converts to email, premium call transferring, shipping and mailing services, and invaluable live professional receptionists personally answering customer calls.

Wow your clients with opus virtual offices at prestigious addresses in any of hundreds of cities across the country.  All without leaving your home office.  Now, that’s remarkable! for more details visit www.OpusVirtualOffices.com

Let Your Small Business Shine With a Virtual Office in the Valley of the Sun


I often write about the benefits of virtual offices by referencing hot topics taken right from the latest business pages, in print and online.  I’ve also turned to pop-culture, or the world of sports to entertain my readers while drawing solid comparisons to how a virtual office can contribute to the success of a small business owner or new entrepreneur.

Today, however, I’ll share the story of a friend and how opening a virtual office in the right location to match her products and services turned her home-based business’s bottom line from seriously in the red to triumphantly in the black.

My friend has a small home-based company selling trendy designer sunglasses and accessories.  She lovingly showcases her products online, attending to details like classy packaging.  Her pricing is fair and she has generous customer service polices.  And yet business was painfully slow.  Shutdown slow.

We met one day in Starbucks, and, being all about virtual offices, I diagnosed her problem.  Her shipping address, her area code, her entire corporate identity shouted out the small rural Pennsylvania town in which she lived.  A nice town, but that’s not where her target customer for high fashion sunglasses expected their glamorous purchases to originate.

Shine With a Virtual Office

I suggested she open an opus virtual office in one of the nation’s Sun Belts; the Valley of the Sun: the Phoenix, AZ area.  Phoenix is home to seven Fortune 1000 corporations, numerous high-tech companies, a thriving tourism and culture industry, and is well-known for its hot, sunny climate. We finally decided on a prestigious location in the tony suburb of Scottsdale, which the New York Times dubbed ‘a desert version of Miami’s South Beach’.

Redesigning her business card and website with a desert flowers and sun motif, as well as a Scottsdale corporate telephone and fax number, the orders started rolling in.  Her virtual office gave her premium call forwarding, voicemail converting to email, and the impressive added touch of sunny, professional receptionists taking her customers’ calls, freeing her to focus on marketing.

I was thanked with a great pair of designer sunglasses, but, unfortunately, the image here is a stock photo – not me!  Head over to www.opusvirtualoffices.com  for details.

Like the Cloud, A Virtual Office is Always Where You Want It, When You Want It


An office in the cloud? With OpusVirtualOffices.com you can

Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that we were all tied to our pcs or Macs? 


If we couldn't access  them, we were handicapped in the data we could recall and the business we could accomplish.  If the system failed, we lost everything: from family pictures to our business clients' most sensitive records.  If we were smart, we backed up our documents; but the whole process was earthbound and clunky.


Enter the cloud – an exciting buzzword everyone is speaking about – though it's really just a sexy word for the Internet.  But what freedom and power it offers!
The cloud came from the serendipitous collision of consumer demand, business wanting to meet that demand, and, of course, the beauty of technology.  Can you imagine the music industry before Apple or the retail industry before Amazon?


You're using the cloud everytime you post on Facebook, read your Gmail, or showcase a photo on Flickr.  Instead of your data being stored in your computer, it's all there in the cloud – available on demand, not bound to the files in a 'box' on your desk.


Consider this: a virtual office is remarkably like the cloud. 

It's the strength of your ideas that matter, not four walls and a filing cabinet.

Instead of being weighed down by the boundaries of a physical office, a virtual office is access without the cost of rent or ownership.  Like cloud computing, your business is instantly where, when, and how your customers want it.


Wherever your clients are, a virtual office puts you right there with them.  With a choice of locations in hundreds of cities, there are almost no limits.  You obtain access to a prestigious address and advanced communications, from corporate telephone and fax to voicemail converting to email.  As a valuable bonus; your customers receive personal and professional attention from trained, live receptionists.


It no longer makes good sense to be chained to a single location.  Maximize your potential with a virtual office.  Like the cloud, it's anywhere your customers want it to be. visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com to learn more/

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