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The NY Times Writes “Who Really Sent that Email?” With Virtual Offices, You Have More Control


The NY Times published an editorial on April 10 about the huge security breach at online marketing firm, Epsilon – affecting many of the nations's largest companies and exposing millions of email addresses and names to potential phishing attacks and other scams. And what the editorial said is "Be concerned".  Operating a virtual office makes it easy to heed that advice.


As the immense scale of the breach became clear, banks, retailers, and others alerted their customers to be wary of fraudulent emails that might appear to be from them.  Some of the major companies that acknowledged being affected include Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Disney, Walgreen's, Best Buy, Verizon, Visa, Capitol One, Marriott, Target, HSN, U.S. Bancorp, and many others.


Spam and phishing email attempting to trick customers appears to be the biggest threat.  The editorial reminds us that familiarity breeds complacency:  It's habit to click on links and attachments in emails that appear to be from trusted sources.  Vigilance is required when spam email is suspected.  Whether at home, in your home office, or receiving correspondence from your virtual office, the advice is never click on links within suspicious email and never give out personal identifiable information to anyone.


A business owner with multiple physical offices employing many people might be downing antacids like candy.   He's hoping each employee follows instructions and does nothing foolish in handling information passing through their hands.


A business owner operating a virtual office may have more control in this situation:  all the power of a multi-office enterprise, yet many less actual employees to police and train to take intelligent action.  Fewer employees working remotely from your physical office gives you more hands-on control, while you retain the powerful image of operating multiple locations.  The virtual office concept can offer superior control, with precautions taken to guard your privacy, including limited phone system access and strict internet privacy policies.


A virtual office from www.opusvirtualoffices.com is a great solution even when unique problems haven't arisen.  No costs and headaches associated with renting physical space, equipment, or managing all those employees.  While you keep a watchful eye on all phases of your business from the security of your home office, your customers are treated to your presence in major cities across the country and to your state-of-the-art telecommunications services.  With an opus virtual office, professional live receptionists answer calls personally and direct them only to you.


It's a jungle out there.  With a virtual office from Opus Virtual Offices, you can keep growing your businesss while retaining better control over the bad guys. Visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com to learn more.

Soar Into The Future With a Virtual Office in San Francisco

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Don’t even consider not having a virtual office in fabulous San Francisco!

Sir Richard Branson never does anything small and subdued.  The wildly successful entrepreneur, humanitarian, adventurer, and billionaire founder of Virgin Group, with over 400 companies, is famous for producing creative and over-the-top introductions for new ventures.  But Wednesday, April 6, 2011, he just might have outdone himself.

Rather than smashing a bottle of of champagne, Branson chose to christen Virgin America’s new terminal at San Francisco International Airport by taking to the skies over San Francisco in a Virgin America Airbus 320 with the aircraft carrier WhiteKnightTwo and the private spacecraft SpaceShipTwo in convoy.  What a sight that must have been for San Franciscans!
soar into the future

The new terminal at SFO is a 640,000 sq. ft. facility designed with trademark Virgin America amenities: fine dining areas, elegant lounges, and wifi with elevated computer tables, all featuring sustainable, green technology.  The inaugural flight into this futuristic terminal also carried Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as supporters of Virgin Galactic, the company which indeed will be carrying tourists into space.

Even without this exciting new facility, San Francisco is one of the most fascinating  and most densely populated cities in the United States, a perfect location to open a virtual office.

A popular tourist destination, it is known for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and unique neighborhoods, including a vital Chinatown.  It is also a major banking and financial center, boasting 30 international financial institutions and is home to seven Fortune 500 companies.  Higher education, the arts, major sports teams, and technology abound.  Silicon Valley is nearby; and Twitter, Craigslist.org, and the Wikimedia Foundation have their head offices here.

So have I whetted your appetite for this great city?  Well, you don’t have to pack up your home and your physical office to have a powerful presence here!  An opus virtual office in San Francisco is yours for remarkably low cost!  Your virtual office package includes an impressive corporate address right in the city, telephone and fax service, voicemail converting to email, shipping and mailing, and live professional receptionists answering client calls personally.

Soar over your competition by opening a virtual office in the influential and fascinating City by the Bay.  Head on over to www.OpusVirtualOffices.com to learn more about the advantages of a virtual office.

What do Lady Gaga and the CEO of PepsiCo Have in Common?


Well, the answer could be that they both played in rock bands as teenagers.  They did.  And the answer could be that they both might have benefited from having virtual offices on the way up the ladder of success.  Almost any businessperson could. But, of course, the answer is they are both highly successful 'women' in business:  sitting at #7, Lady Gaga, and #6, Indra Nooyi, on Forbes List of Most Powerful Women.


Of different generations, both are superbly savvy and are extremely socially conscious.   Both women came from middle-class backgrounds to rise to the pinnacle of their respective fields – entertainment entrepreneur and top corporate executive.  And it was not so long ago that their success would have been impossible.


The success of women in breaking barriers in business has been dramatic.  Although the average woman's salary statistically lags behind men's, women in 2011 are doing exactly what men are: piloting airplanes, running large corporations, taking up private entrepreneurship, and even running for President of the United States.


Advisors to America's Small Business estimate that about 1/3 of entrepreneurs in the U.S. are women; and that businesses run by women are growing at rate higher than the total growth of all U.S. companies.  It's not surprising that women choose to start their own business, which allows for maximum creativity, high productivity, unlimited financial freedom, and more time for the family.


So how can a woman entrepreneur benefit from opening a virtual office?  Instant credibility and visibility without revealing her home address and phone number are important reasons.  A virtual office offers an instant corporate identity in prestigious locations across the country and all the help a busy person needs to eliminate the hassles of office management; allowing her to focus on her skills.  A complete package of useful communications services are provided, including live receptionists that add instant professionalism.


Maybe Lady Gaga was 'Born this Way', but most business owners, women and men alike, need help.  A virtual office provides a perfect solution.


Are you ready for a virtual office? If you're not sure visit OpusVirtualOffices.com to learn more.

Baseball Season Arrives! A Virtual Office Lets You Play Ball in the Big Leagues


Small league, Virtual Office, Big league! www.opusvirtualoffices.com talks baseball.


Still feeling like winter in some parts of North America, Major League Baseball opened its 111th season on March 31, in order to keep the World Series from running too late into October.  Six games were played to packed crowds; at New York's iconic Yankee Stadium as well as in Washington, Cincinnati, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. The first homerun of the season was hit by Atlanta's Jason Heyward against the Washington Nationals, a statistic that will be carefully recorded in a game that honors statistics like no other.


I was raised on Big League baseball, by a 4'10" dynamo of a grandmother who was a fanatic New York Mets fan after mourning the loss of her beloved Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles.  New York was a great town for baseball, but I didn't dare utter the name of the rival Yankees in Grandma's house!


Major League Baseball is, of course, very big business: revenue generated in 2010 was $6.8 billion.  While there was a minor scandal last summer relating to the profitability of a few teams which received revenue-sharing money, the bottom line is that larger markets support winning teams and winning teams produce more profit.


Opening a virtual office can help a small business owner compete in the 'big leagues'. Regardless of your proficiency, or the quality of your goods and services, if you are not perceived as a major player in an important location, you may not be seen as competitive.  A virtual office gives your business a prestigious address in any of the cities which hosted opening day games, or any of hundreds of others.  Services include corporate telephone and fax, additonal state-of-the-art communications options, and skilled, live receptionists personally handling customer calls.


Be a winner by opening a virtual office in a major league market.  It's a crackerjack of a smart decision.

Your Reputation And How You Are Perceived Is Everything. The Strange Tale of Charlie Sheen


What can a virtual office possibly have to do with a celebrity's outrageous antics?


If you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not have heard of the world-class meltdown of the actor Charlie Sheen, but it's a rare soul that hasn't followed his story just a little – even by occasional peeks.  The media sure won't let us forget it – from tabloid excess to talk show hosts' jokes, to his own self-promotion on Twitter and just about everywhere else, to serious news organizations climbing on the bandwagon.  Charlie Sheen's behavior is a staple of the 24/7 news cycle right now and shows little sign of slowing down.


Cashing in on his own infamy, Mr. Sheen has  now embarked upon a quickly-assembled tour of 20 cities with an act that consists almost entirely of him showcasing his recently bizarre persona.  In Detroit, the first stop, he was roundly booed off the stage.  In Chicago, the reception was a lot better; but a sideshow-like atmosphere seems to be the appeal.


Critics generally agree that all this outrageousness is not likely to bode well for his long-term credibility or career success.  Perception is everything, and, temporarily fascinating or not, the actor is not boosting his reputation.


If even a celebrity of this magnitude can be damaged by a poor image, imagine how important it is to preserve your own image in your career as a business entrepreneur.  While meltdowns aren't at issue, how your customers perceive your integrity and accountability can make or break your business.  If your business is seen as too small, flighty, or not grounded in first-class surroundings, your reputation may suffer. Opus Virtual Office to the rescue.


Virtual offices are a great way to enhance the reputation of a small to medium-sized business.  Without the costs and long-term commitments of renting physical space and managing personnel, a virtual office provides a solid presence in any of hundreds of locations in cities across the country.  Your company benefits from heightened visibility and credibility with a prestigious corporate address that impresses clients and assures them of its stability.  State-of-the-art communications tools are offered, including professional receptionists personally answering calls, letting you focus on providing the services that will ensure success. 


Opening a virtual office is a stellar way of improving the perception and reputation of your business because your business is no place for off-the-wall drama.

Hundreds of Thousands Of Fans Gather for the Final Four! Is Your Virtual Office in Houston Ready for Them?


What does a Virtual Office in Houston and the Final Four have in common?


March Madness moves into April with the excitement surrounding both the event itself and the surprising teams that battled their way there reaching a fever pitch. $100 million dollars is projected to impact the local economy of Houston, Texas over the long weekend, as the culmination of the NCAA Tournament is the third largest sporting event in the world.


Showcased at Reliant Stadium in Houston, seating 76, 500, and starting on April 2, will be two unexpected winners and two downright Cinderella teams. The top seeds are long gone, and if VCU wins the big prize they will be the lowest seeded team in history to pull it off. Few events match their hype as the 'hottest ticket in town'. But this is one of the real deals and there will be multitudes in the city divided into four fan zones, ready to support their favorites and eat, drink, and party their way through a memorable weekend.


The fourth largest city in the U.S., Houston is rated as a world city – meaning it ranks among the most important global economic centers in the world. Only New York has more Fortune 500 companies, and Houston is a leader in manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, health care sector, biomedical research, and especially, the energy industry. Not to mention a world-class center for sports, with the Astrodome and, you guessed it, ultra-modern Reliant Stadium.


Establishing a virtual office in Houston is a very savvy pick. A presence there immediately enhances the credibility of your business, and moves you into a world-class competitive arena. You needn't leave your home base, because a virtual office is a complete business system brought to you. A prestigious corporate address in Houston, advanced telephone, fax and voicemail forwarding to email services, shipping, and high-scoring, professional live receptionists handling your client calls, all at minimal cost and effort, frees you to focus on what you do best.


Look into the benefits of a virtual office in Houston. By the final buzzer, a Cinderella story may very well be written this weekend, and your business can write its own success story there too.


Check out OpusVirtualOffices.com for the Houston locations and many more around the US

If Your Virtual Office is a Corner of Starbucks, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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What’s the first thing you notice when you step into a Starbucks or Panera location?  Well, ‘after’ the intoxicating aromas of freshly brewed coffee or freshly baked bread.  These days, it’s the people taking up space typing away on their laptops or tablets, headphones in place, utterly engrossed, latte or sandwich nearby.

starbucks logo

Maybe that’s why you’ve stepped into Starbucks or Panera yourself, or Barnes & Noble or even McDonalds, for that matter.  Not only eateries anymore, these establishments have positioned themselves as cafes where a customer is encouraged to linger, courtesy of their free wifi services.  This marketing approach coincided with the growth of the portable workplace, with people conducting business wherever there is a wifi hotspot.

This trend may or may not be good business strategy for these cafes, with controversy concerning how much a plugged-in squatter vs. table turnover impacts their bottom lines.  But, more importantly, is it the best strategy for you?  Shouldn’t you consider a virtual office?

Only the most casual business owners can afford to announce they’re sitting in the corner of Starbucks.  So your home office, or the single office you rent, remains the only visible market presence you have.  Acceptable, maybe, but not ideal for earning the respect of your most important customers.  A virtual office is a more elegant solution.

A virtual office offers an impressive corporate address in a location you choose.  Advanced communications services include dedicated corporate telephone and fax, voicemail to email, and call forwarding.  Rather than hearing you pick up your own phone, your clients are treated to the professionalism of live receptionists answering and directing their calls.

If the urge for a caramel macchiato with a raspberry scone becomes too great, by all means set yourself up at a table in Starbucks; but with a virtual office, your clients won’t know about the crumbs in the keyboard.

See more details about Virtual Offices at OpusVirtualOffices.com

A Rare Look at the Presidential Security Tent. Help Secure Your Business With a Virtual Office

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The mainstream media treated us to a rare look at a most unique and rather fascinating photo and article the other day.  The photo was of President Obama and two top officials sitting in what most certainly appeared to be a modest-sized blue tent.  While it almost seemed comical – lo-tech science fiction – it was anything but lo-tech or fiction.

top secret tent

Known as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, this strange structure enables a President to conduct the most top secret of discussions while on the move.  Looking for all the world like a blue polyester tarpaulin, it is soundproof and made from a secret material which is designed to keep emissions in and listening devices out.   Command Consulting Group, which supplies SCIFs to government agencies, describes that a ‘ring of electronic waves’ ensures that only signals from an encrypted satellite phone can get in and out.

The President rarely travels without it; and former President Bush employed one regularly when discussing Iraq with Tony Blair.

Most of the rest of us don’t exactly need such extreme precautions.  Carefully following the latest sensible guidelines for securing personal and business data from hackers and identity thieves is usually sufficient, and there are companies that specialize in security services for those who require a higher level of protection.

Another form of security, of course, is financial security; and job one is to make sure we are doing all we can to guarantee the success of our business enterprise.  Opening one or more virtual offices can help achieve this.  Without leaving the security of home base, an entrepreneur can have multiple satellite offices in prominent locations across the country, and maintain contact with clients, data at hand, with the communications services a virtual office provides.  Professional live receptionists enhance the virtual office experience; and the cost is remarkably low.

No mobile tent required.

You Don’t Have To Be an AT&T to Pull Off A Big Deal Advancing Your Business


What does a Virtual Office has to do with the latest AT&T / T-Mobile deal?

Some business decisions are bigger than others, and none come close this year to the March 20, 2011 bombshell that is shaking the telecom industry.  Atlanta-based AT&T, the second largest wireless communications provider in the United States, announced its intention to purchase Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA for a cool $39 billion, which would make it the largest wireless network in the U.S.


AT&T and T-Mobile stocks unsurprisingly rose immediately, and shares in Sprint and Verizon Wireless declined.  Such is the nature of mega-deals, but there's a lot of jockeying yet to come: regulatory agencies will have to approve the acquistion and some consumer groups object.  Neither Verizon nor Sprint will sit idly by doing nothing.  Nonetheless, look for this to happen within the year.


Other business decisions are a lot less front page newsworthy.  For instance, the Wall Street Journal may not announce it, but the decision to open a virtual office may be just the additional boost small business owners need to advance their bottom line.  Acquiring a virtual office, perhaps in Atlanta, AT&T's home, a city that also boasts the world headquarters of Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting, Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot, and UPS, can immediately enhance a small business's clout and credibility.


For a remarkably low cost,  a virtual office is a valuable resource for small business owners to become competitive in a larger market; with a prestigious corporate mailing address in the city of their choice; Atlanta being a great location for consideration.  Phone, fax, voicemail, email, and mailing are part of the cost effective services, and live, highly-trained receptionists handle client calls professionally.


The stock market may not turn bullish the day you acquire a virtual office, but your own financials may very well skyrocket. Go to Opus Virtual Offices website to learn more about how this program can benefit your business.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Watch Your Pot of Gold Grow With A Virtual Office


Tis March 17, when, no matter your heritage, everyone becomes Irish!  And if you're actually Irish; well, how lucky is that?  Originally a religious holiday, St. Patrick's Day has become a huge international secular celebration of Irish culture – and, some trivia – one of the biggest days of the year for alcohol consumption. 


Large, raucous, parades mark St. Patrick's Day in many cities, and those in Savannah, New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, St. Louis and New York rank among the best.  City officials make themselves highly visible, and their cities are often bedecked in green. 


Seattle paints the traffic stripe of its parade route green, Savannah's fountains turn magically green, and, most spectacularly, the Chicago River is dyed green for the occasion.   

If you aren't sporting green, haven't consumed corned beef and cabbage, green bagels, and green beer, you're just not with it.  And speaking of sporting, many Major League Baseball teams, still in spring training, celebrate with St. Patrick's Day themes; a sure harbinger of spring.   


An enduring image of Irish folklore is that of the leprechaun and his pot of gold.  And for small business owners, isn't making green and attaining your pot of gold the purpose you went into business in the first place?


Opening a virtual office in any of the above cities, or hundreds more across the U.S., offers immediate visibility and a strong market presence that isn't left up to luck.  A virtual office provided by Opus Virtual Offices offers an impressive corporate address, business phone and fax, voicemail to email, other sevices, and professional, never 'green', live receptionists answering your client calls.   


Enhancing your business with a virtual office just might give you the luck of the Irish as you go for the green and seek your pot of gold.  

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