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Opus Virtual Office Reviews

Kimberly Burns
Orlando, FL

February 2021

Donna was extremely comforting and professional. She answered all of my questions and concerns. She also made sure I left the call with a smile on my face.

T.J. Hartford
Providence, RI

January 2021

I’m still getting but everything I’ve learned is all positive, just the right thing for a new business to establish a business address without the brick and mortar.

Leonidas E Williamson
Boca Raton, FL

January 2021

Their sign up was as quick and easy as I’ve ever experienced.

Nicholas Ellan
Vancouver, Canada

December 2020

Wow these people are phone wizards!

Divine Favor review

Divine Favor
Los Angeles, CA

December 2020

They are very responsive so far. The set up seems relatively straightforward and easy. I will give a review on the actual service in about 30 days, but so far, great service!

Dawn Watts review

Dawn Watts
Beverly Hills, CA

December 2020

The setup was very easy and it was a very affordable option to establish a professional presence for my home-based business.

Travis Pernell
Houston, TX

December 2020

Opus Virtual Offices is professional and good at what they do. The services have helped me a lot in getting business noticed by top clients and more. Try’em, they’re just that good!!

Dr. John Strong
Dallas, TX

November 2020

My Dallas Office location in Turtle Creek. Love it!!!

Tirza Casanova
Boca Raton, FL

September 2020

Fast, Accurate, Professional

Andrae Givans
Darien, CT

April 2020

They do a great job.

Snehal Chaudhari

Snehal Chaudhari
New York, NY

November 2016

I highly recommend them.

Mustafa Sharif
Atlanta, GA

October 2016

Opus office has been a big help to the virtual office have given me and corporate ran looking office without me having to be in and office on a daily basis. The phone forwarding lets me get my calls wherever am at are send them to my voice mail and get the message later. The live answering by the reception makes it more professional I recommend Opus with anyone starting and business are working from home.

Nadine Plunkett
Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 2016

I must say this is the best thing for me starting up a business and having a virtual offices. I love opus virtual offices because i can get all fax to my email which I’m so big on, and also all forward calls come to my phone as well. I love the fact if you need to have a meeting you can login and see if there is meeting space is open and book it. This is a best way for all upcoming business to start out. All the workers at Opus Virtual offices are so nice as well. -Gladiator Capital Invesment LLC

matt review

Matthew Gethins
Atlanta, GA

September 2016

I evaluated a lot of virtual office services prior to selecting Opus Virtual Offices. Their monthly fee is very reasonable versus what you get in terms of services and a good address for your company or organization. Our company has been using them for over 2 years and we have no intentions of changing. BTW, virtual doesn’t mean no people to help you, the staff at our location has always been great and ready to help us whenever we needed assistance. Great service and easy to business with. Highly recommended.

ronald review

Ronald Anania
Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 2016

I have had a very positive experience at Opus’s 515 Los Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale Office. My mail is secure, incoming calls are handled professionally, the receptionist is very congenial, and the conference rooms are kept clean. I plan ahead as best as possible, and therefore have no conference room scheduling issues.

opus virtual office review image

Patricia Webb
Boca Raton, FL

September 2016

I have been with Opus for almost 3 years and they have been nothing but great! I wish every service provider was like them. Also, I truly appreciate how they consistently continue to upgrade their service. A++++

Leon Adair
Portland, OR

May 2016

Opus provides my business with administrative solutions and options that helps me operate in ways I couldn’t otherwise imagine. Thank you.

Ben Cohen
New York, NY

April 2016

It has been great! super efficient and zero complaints. Staff are very attentive and reliable

Irfan Zaidi
New York, NY

April 2016

I am very satisfied with the service. I plan to increase the usage of OPUS for my business in the near future.

Samir Zakir
Beverly Hills, CA

April 2016

I absolutely love my experience and service with Opus. I have 2 other businesses that I use a virtual office for with Regus – I plan to bring those to Opus as well because I am so satisfied.

Amrinder Romana
Wilmington, DE

April 2016

Great service provided by OPUS for my company. Their Wilmington office provide great service. I have Opus office for past 2-3 years. No Problems.

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