Yes, you can sign up using the anticipated name or personal name and once the company has been incorporated, we can make adjustments as needed.

Yes. When signing up for the program online, you will have the opportunity to choose local phone and fax numbers which will be associated with your company.

Yes. Our agreement is for 3 months, after which we will renew the terms on a month-to-month basis unless the client gives us 30 days written notice of cancellation.

Yes but not in all locations (click this link to view Premium Locations). In our locations listed as Premium in specific markets, conference rooms are available to you for an hourly fee. All other locations are set up as mail centers where staff will receive your mail and packages on your behalf but these locations do not offer conference or meeting room facilities for you to meet or greet your clients.

Yes, our professional receptionists will answer your calls live, utilizing your company name, Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm (in PST timezone 8am to 5pm). After hours, your calls will be answered by your company voice mail.

Yes, there are 2 ways you are able to keep your existing company phone number:

1. By setting up call forwarding from your current carrier to the phone number you choose with Opus Virtual Offices (this process
works instantly)
2. By porting your current company phone number from your existing carrier to the Opus Virtual Offices carrier (this process takes
about 10 business days)

Yes, you may choose any of our locations as your corporate mailing address. We also provide a mail forwarding service, where we can forward your mail to a designated address for the benefit of your privacy.

You can choose as many locations as you’d like. We also provide additional services in selected locations where you can use conference rooms, at premium locations with private parking.

Yes, most locations offer it and can be customized to your needs. You will be charged for postage or shipping accordingly. Mail Forwarding can be initiated once your account is activated.


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