Live Receptionist Answering Calls

Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm (in PST timezone 8am to 5pm) a live receptionist will be answering all incoming calls on behalf of your company.

Corporate Mailing Address

Select one of our Virtual Offices locations as your primary business address and use it to receive all your mail and packages.

Company Phone and Fax Number

Select one of our local phone and fax numbers as your primary company line.

Premium Call Transferring

All calls that are being transferred to your personal extension by our Live Receptionist will ring up to 4 phone numbers provided by you. If the call is not answered your personal extension voice mail box will activate.

Voicemail Converted to Email

All voice mail messages are being forwarded to Tenant’s provided e-mail address as a WAV File.

Fax Converted to Email

All faxes received will be forwarded to your provided E-Mail address in a PDF format.

2 Voicemail Boxes

Have 2 customized voice mail boxes with individual prerecorded greetings. 1 primary business mail box and 1 personalized extension with mail box.

Business Credit Building
Complimentary monthly payment history provided to credit reporting agencies, helping you strengthen your business credit


Call Out Feature - $10/month

This feature allows you to make calls from your smart phone/computer or any phone showing your chosen company phone number as the outbound caller ID. Included are unlimited domestic calls. This feature will also act as your USA Phone if you reside internationally.

**Domestic and/or international cellular carrier rates may apply
Texting Feature - $10/month

This feature allows you to send and receive texts using your smart phone/computer showing your chosen company number's caller ID. Included are unlimited texts using "Opus Texting App" permitting you to easily communicate via text using your company phone number.
*You may add this feature after you sign up

Toll Free Number - $10/month

Choose a Toll Free number for your business with unlimited incoming calls

Audio Conferencing Bridge - $10/month

This feature allows you to initiate an Audio Conference Bridge for small or large group meetings. Unlimited calling using the dedicated always-available conference bridge number provided. Connect team members and clients, wherever they are for one low monthly fee.

Additional Extension(s)/Voice Box(es) - $25/month per extension

Add an additional extension for a co-worker, employee or department

International Call Transfer – $10/month
This feature allows us to transfer incoming calls to your international number.
Call Recording – $10/month
Unlimited recording of incoming calls/conversations
Incoming Call Log Feature - $10/month
This feature allows you access to your company call log in real-time, via your client portal. When you log in you will get an up-to-date list of all inbound calls to your company phone number, giving you greater insight into your business.




Receive Confirmation

Receive Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation of your subscription and payment. In this email you will also receive a ‘Welcome Package’ which will include details of your Opus Virtual Office.
Sign Up

Sign Up

Complete the online form by adding your company details for your Opus Virtual Office and any additional features, if any, you may need. Signing up is fast and easy.
Choose a Location

Choose a Location

Choose from any of our locations for your new Opus Virtual Office, available in over 650 locations in the US and Canada. Premium locations are also available in the US.