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Take Your East Coast Business to the West with a California Virtual Office


The traditional way of doing business was to establish an enterprise in one area, slowly growing outwards and expanding to an entire region. With the benefits of today’s telecommunication and transportation technology, it’s easier and less expensive to focus in areas that were easier to reach and control. These days however, technology makes it possible to be in one place and conduct business thousands of miles away in multiple locations. Especially with a California virtual office.

Today businesses and customers are comfortable making deals and orders reaching thousands of dollars without one party ever having met the other. Because of this, savvy business owners know that their business is not limited to the market that’s within close vicinity.

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If Your Virtual Office is a Corner of a Coffee Shop, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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What’s the first thing you notice when you step into a Starbucks or Dunkin’ location? This could be my virtual office? Well, after the intoxicating aromas of freshly brewed coffee and that on the go feeling, it might be. These days, it’s the people taking up space typing away on their laptops or tablets, headphones in place, utterly engrossed in their work.

Maybe that’s why you’ve stepped into Starbucks or Dunkin’ yourself, or Barnes & Noble or even McDonalds, for that matter.  Not only eateries anymore, these establishments position themselves as cafes where a customer is encouraged to hand around. Courtesy of their free Wi-Fi services, of course.  This marketing approach coincided with the growth of the portable workplace, with people conducting business wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This trend may or may not be good business strategy for these cafes, with controversy concerning how much a plugged-in squatter vs. table turnover impacts their bottom lines.  But, more importantly, is it the best strategy for you?  Shouldn’t you consider a virtual office?

Only the most casual business owners can afford to announce they’re sitting in the corner of Starbucks.  So your home office, or the single office you rent, remains the only visible market presence you have.  Acceptable, maybe, but not ideal for earning the respect of your most important customers. A virtual office from Opus VO is a more elegant solution.

A Virtual Office is the Way To Go

A virtual office offers an impressive corporate address in a location you choose. Advanced communications services include dedicated corporate telephone and fax, voicemail to email, and call forwarding. Rather than hearing you pick up your own phone, your clients are treated to the professionalism of live receptionists answering and directing their calls.

If the urge for a caramel macchiato with a raspberry scone becomes too great, by all means set yourself up at a table in Starbucks; but with a virtual office, your clients won’t know about the crumbs in the keyboard. Opus Virtual Offices is the number one choice for the on the go business person.

How to Commute to Your Virtual Office: You Don’t


Gas prices are soaring. Inflation is rising. These are things that the daily commuter dreads to hear. More money is being spent on everyday items than ever before. It’s even worse for people who must commute far to their place of business. Many companies have switched to hybrid and remote work to save money but even then, the costs still pile up. So, what’s a surefire way to save money and time when going to work? The answer is simple, a virtual office.

How Opus Virtual Offices Saves You Time

Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, provides everything your new or existing business needs to succeed. The only commute you need is to hop out of bed and into your home office. No gas money needed. A virtual office from Opus VO provides your business with a professional live receptionist who will answer all your calls and transfer them when appropriate. You’ll also receive a professional business address so you will no longer need to use your home address, a big win for privacy.

With the massive leap in technology, a virtual office makes perfect sense. No more wasting thousands of dollars a month on expensive office leases. Take all that money you saved and use it to grow your business to new locations. With Opus VO, once you’re a client in one location, you can expand to all our locations. Opus VO has prestigious meeting rooms in all major markets. Is your home base Atlanta and you want to meet with a client in Chicago? With Opus VO, worry no more. All you have to do is schedule a time to meet in our Chicago location, nothing more. It’s that simple.  

The Only Commute You Need is to the Breakfast Table

With all the time you saved signing up for an Opus Virtual Office, what will you do with all the extra time? See a movie? Visit some friends and family? Expand your business? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Take the stress out of life with Opus Virtual Offices.

Playing the Lottery May be Fun, But A Virtual Office Really Increases Your Odds for Success


With a jackpot estimated to be $51 million, entering the lottery just might be the most entertainment you can buy for a buck. Don’t order that private jet just yet. Your odds of matching all five numbers and the power number is 1 in 175,711,536. Yeah, let’s just say the chances are very slim. With those incredible odds, you’re more likely to find the bones of the Loch Ness Monster.

Winning the lottery seems like a dream. You know what isn’t a dream? Signing up with a virtual office from Opus VO and taking your business to new heights. The possibilities are endless. The chances of success skyrocket when you sign up for a virtual office and you’ll definitely be happy. Your new or existing business will end up saving big bucks. You’ll no longer have to lease a physical office space and pay for expensive utilities.

Hit the Jackpot with Opus Virtual Offices

An excellent way to increase the odds of  growing a successful business is opening one or more virtual offices.  Opus Virtual Offices enables you to expand into new areas of opportunity quickly. This is all without the significant expense and long-term commitment of renting physical space and hiring, training, and managing a staff. Without leaving your home or office, you obtain visibility and a credible corporate presence in new markets you choose. A virtual office offers a prestigious address, state-of-the-art communications, mailing services, and the added jackpot of live professional receptionists personally answering and directing client calls.

When the time comes and lottery is announced and you tear up that ticket, you can be confident that opening a virtual office will increase your odds of being a winner.

How Landscapers Benefit from a Virtual Office


The grass is greener on the other side. It’s even greener if you sign up for a virtual office. Landscapers deal with enough hard work. The blinding sun and heat, the loud noises of the machinery, it’s awful. The last thing they want to deal with is constantly picking up the phone, which takes precious time from their day. With a virtual office, your job is instantly made easier.

Landscapers Save Time with a Virtual Office

Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, provides your landscaping company with a prestigious corporate address for your business. You’ll no longer have to use your home address as a business address, preserving your privacy. The best part? Your landscaping business will receive a professional, live receptionist. The receptionist will answer and transfer your calls, so you can be worry free while on the job. Are you ready to expand? Opus VO has locations across the United States, so you won’t have to worry about paying useless fees on leasing and office upgrades.

Meeting Rooms Available

Let’s say your landscaping company is bidding on a contract to tidy up a large park or stadium. You want to look and be professional as possible. With a meeting room from Opus VO, your business will scream professionalism. Your potential clients will be instantly impressed the minute they walk in. Now’s your time to shine. Show off your previous work, or graphs of future work with a perfectly situated flat screen TV.

Opus VO has meeting rooms all over the country. From Miami to New York, the opportunity is there to take your business nationwide and Opus VO is proud to help you do that. No matter how big or small your landscaping company is, Opus VO will provide you with the tools you need to start or grow your business.

Bask in the Sunshine with a Virtual Office in Tampa


Tampa, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and could be home to your next business venture. Located in the heart of downtown Tampa with beautiful views of the bay, a virtual office in Tampa is sure to impress your clients. Home to the University of South Florida and many other colleges, Tampa has a bright business future ahead. There’s no shortage of talent here.

Lower Costs and More Business

According to, the city of Tampa is a great place to call your business home due to its abundance of business resources and low startup costs. Many people from across the country have been moving to Florida, especially the Tampa area. So, your business will not have an issue finding employees who are eager to work. The great weather helps too. The beautiful beaches of Clearwater and Tampa Bay are only minutes away and if you really want to impress prospective clients, why not take them there?


Tampa is home to one of the biggest airports in the country with international flights coming and going. Your clients could be from all around the world. Don’t forget that Florida’s Brightline, a high-speed rail service will be expanding to the Tampa area in a few years, opening even more opportunities for your business to grow.

City Life

Tampa is one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, culturally and business wise. Whether it’s a plumbing or landscaping business you’ll be sure to find your home in. After your successful meeting at our prestigious downtown Tampa meeting room, why not take your client to a nice lunch or dinner? How about a game to watch the Tampa Bay Rays or Bucs? Don’t forget the Stanley Cup championship. The options are endless for business growth in Tampa.

Opus Virtual Offices is the Best Choice for Tampa

A national leader in virtual office services, Opus Virtual Offices provides your new or established business with a professional business address and company phone number. Opus VO also provides you with a dedicated live receptionist who will answer and transfer your calls in an appropriate and professional manner. We know there are a lot of options when it comes to starting or expanding your business. With a virtual office in Tampa from Opus VO you’ll have the confidence you’re in good hands.

You Don’t Have to Be an Opus VO Client to Use Our Prestigious Meeting Rooms


Everyone’s goal when running a business is to find the greatest success possible. Achieving that success is not an easy road or overnight solution. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have temporarily, and some permanently, gone remote. While this has saved them a lot in overhead costs, sometimes the meetings over webcam don’t feel the same as an in-person meeting. For some businesses, having in-person meetings is essential to their growth. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, has the affordable, common-sense solution.

Reserve an Opus Meeting Room, No Prior Commitment Required

Opus VO has prestigious meeting rooms across the country. From the beautiful beaches of Miami to the Music City of Nashville, you can hold a meeting with clients or employees in many major cities, all for a low price. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to be an Opus VO client to reserve one of our meeting rooms. Need a spur of the moment meeting with a potential client in Atlanta? What about interviewing potential employees in Chicago? With Opus Meeting Rooms, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Another bonus, the more hours you reserve in one of hour prestigious meeting rooms, the cheaper it gets. One more thing, the hours never expire. Did you buy five hours of meeting room time and only used two? Those three remaining hours are yours to use whenever you need them. Opus Meeting Rooms offer complimentary Wi-Fi, coffee and water, and flat screen TVs so you can share your presentations at the highest quality.

Make a Great First Impression with Opus Meeting Rooms

First impressions matter. Especially when trying to pick up new clients. When a prospective client arrives at an Opus meeting room location, they’ll first notice how luxurious the building is. That may not mean a lot to some people, but for a business looking to develop a professional reputation, it means everything. You want your business to look and feel like a major player then look no further. With stunning views of whatever city you choose to have your meeting in, your clients will be impressed.

Opus VO Can Help Your Business, No Matter the Location

Opus Meeting Rooms is just a part of the large Opus VO family. If you decide you want to sign up for a virtual office with Opus VO, you’ll automatically be ahead of the game. A virtual office not only saves your business money, but time as well. With an Opus Virtual Office, your business will receive a dedicated live receptionist who will answer your calls and transfer the necessary ones. No more needless physical office spaces that cost thousands per month. You’ll also get a company phone number and professional business address. No need to register your home address as your business address. Now’s the perfect time to grab life by the horns and start or expand your business with Opus Virtual Offices.

Expand Your Business With Opus Virtual Offices


How does it feel running a business? Stressful, right? It’s all worth it in the end when you have that successful feeling run through you. So, what’s next in your business ventures? Thinking of expanding? Expanding your business is a serious and risky decision that could make or break your business. What’s the one thing that holds many businesses back from expanding? Money. It’s all about the money when it comes to business.

Expanding a business to another state is a whole different monster. You must make sure you’re aware of the business and tax laws of that specific state and have confidence the people of that state will be interested in your products or services. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, can solve that issue. A virtual office from Opus VO can save your business thousands of overhead costs, and that’s just the start.

How Opus Virtual Offices Helps Your Business

Let’s say you own a fashion business in Miami. Your clients love you and you’re making great profits. You make the decision that you want to expand or test out other markets. New York has one of the biggest fashion markets in the world, that’s a good place to start. So, you talk with prospective clients, and one wants to meet with you. With Opus Meeting Rooms, a division of Opus VO, you can meet with them at a prestigious New York meeting room at a low cost.

When you sign up with Opus Virtual Offices in one location, you have access to meeting rooms in many major cities across the country. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, no problem. You can reserve meeting room space for however many hours you need. Opus Meeting Rooms gives your local business that national presence it deserves. It’s that simple. Meet with clients in major locations and make a grand impression on them.

Take Your Business Nationwide with Opus VO

Prestigious meeting rooms in major cities across the US are just one of many perks when you sign up with Opus Virtual Offices. Your business will also receive a professional business address with a live dedicated receptionist that will take and transfer your calls. You’ll also receive a company phone number and voicemail converted to email. No surprise charges. Opus VO is ready to help expand your business to new heights.

A Virtual Office Can Save Your New Startup Cold Hard Cash


Inside your mind, you probably have tons of business ideas you want to show the world, but there’s one specific one you have that you’re passionate about. This idea, whatever it may be, could be your ticket out of the traditional workforce and into your own world where you are your own boss. Seems like a dream, right? With all the advancements in business technology, dream no more.

Many startups such as software technology, educational, and clothing, needs a home base. Who said that home base needs to be an expensive leased office? With a virtual office, you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on an office lease you rarely use.

How A Virtual Office Helps Your New Startup

A virtual office provides you and your business the tools of a regular office without having a regular office. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, provides all the services you could ask for. A virtual office from Opus VO gives your startup a professional business address in over 650 locations across the country. Major cities included! No more using your home address as your primary business location.

Your startup will also receive a custom business phone number, voicemail converted to email and much more! Here’s the best perk, prestigious conference rooms in major cities where you can hold meetings. No one really likes business meetings, but when starting a new business, sometimes you just have to do it. Don’t waste thousands using space you’ll barely use. With Opus VO, you can rent our prestigious meetings room by the hour for a low price. No one can beat that. Want to hold a meeting in beautiful downtown Miami? How about New York? Dallas? Wherever your startup may take you, Opus VO has your back.

Another great perk? Your new startup will receive a dedicated, live receptionist that’ll take your calls and transfer them as needed. No more worrying about missing a client or potential business opportunity. The receptionist is clear and concise and will use your company name when answering calls.

With All the Money Saved, Invest it Back into Your Business

In today’s economy, leasing an office can be horrifically expensive. You’re likely low on cash when starting a new business so you’ll need to spend wisely. With the money saved from signing up with Opus VO, you can invest it back into your business and take on your industry. Be the best in the business with Opus Virtual Offices.

Save Your Business from Inflation with a Virtual Office


Inflation, the word no businessperson or any person for that matter, like to use. Inflation numbers have risen 8.5% from a year ago and that’s killing small businesses. Many products small businesses sell are now much more expensive, causing a lot of consumers to pull back on their spending habits. With consumer spending dramatically down in all areas, this may lead to an economic slowdown which can destroy a business depending on what they do and sell. So, how can your business survive the boom in inflation? Depending on what services you provide, a virtual office can help you save money.

How a Virtual Office Can Help Your Business

Not only will a virtual office help you save possibly thousands of dollars a month, but they could also help expand your business. What is a virtual office exactly? A virtual office provides your business with many of the perks of a physical office without actually having one. You’ll receive a prestigious corporate address in a city of your choosing where your mail will be sent. That’s not all! You’ll also get a company phone number and a live, professional receptionist who will answer and transfer your calls, so you’ll never miss an important client.

The best part? It’s affordable, and in this current climate, affordability is key. Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in virtual office services, is only $99 a month. No small print, no bogus charges. Opus VO offers prestigious conference rooms in major locations across the country in the event you need to hold a meeting. You only pay for the conference rooms when you need them, no constant monthly charges for a conference room you don’t use.

More Money in Your Pocket

If your job requires you to be on the road a lot, a virtual office is great for you. Inflation and other world events have caused gas prices to skyrocket and it’s going to be that way for a while. For example, if you’re a contractor, you want to see as many clients as possible, and spending a lot of time answering calls and finding mail will only slow you down. With a virtual office, you can now spend your time helping clients and less time stressing out over bills and calls.

You can also utilize a virtual office if you work from home. Your company’s business address won’t be your home address so that helps when it comes to your professional and personal safety. Many work from home companies save money by using Zoom and other meetup apps for meetings, but on occasion they might need to meet in a physical location. Have a client in Atlanta or Chicago who wants to meet in person? Reserve a meeting space in those amazing locations without paying back-breaking prices that come with those cities.

Fight Inflation with Opus Virtual Offices

Save time and most importantly, money with Opus VO. With over 650 locations across the country, your business has a home with Opus VO. Whether you run a contracting, dog grooming, or freelance business, Opus VO is prepared to help your business reach the next level.

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