Is 2023 The Year You Go Hybrid?

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It’s 2023, the time to step into the future and create your own unique hybrid work setup for your business.  

Did you know hybrid work is the new way to do business? It’s easy to see why when you zoom out and see the big picture. Hybrid working allows you to work closer to your clients, colleagues, and home. It’s cost-effective and leaves a small environmental footprint. When you have a virtual office with Opus Virtual Offices, you can choose from over 650 locations nationwide and build your business the way you want!

Hybrid Work offers benefits for both business owners and employees. The top 3 benefits of hybrid work are

Work Flexibly 

  • The ability to work where you want, when, and how you want. Switching to hybrid makes work more attractive to business owners and employees.  
  • At Opus VO, you get a prestigious business address and state-of-the-art meeting rooms for when coworking is needed.  

Reduce Overhead Expenses 

  • When you switch to hybrid, you no longer need that brick-and-mortar office. This means you can save money by not renewing that luxury office lease. 
  • With Opus VO our meeting rooms are available when you need them for one hour or five hours. Your needs drive your decisions, and you can change them daily.  
  • Reduce daily expenses with hybrid working. When you work from your home or coffee shop, you save time and money on commuting and daily costs that come with an in-office work life.  

Environmentally Friendly 

  • Hybrid working gives you the ability to walk to bike to work. You don’t necessarily need to drive there. This not only helps the environment but also benefits your well-being and mental state.  
  • You reduce support staff and facility expenses when you have a virtual office. This reduces emissions and your company’s carbon footprint.  

Join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies that are switching to hybrid. Join the ranks of Microsoft, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Salesforce, Slack, and Square, just to name a few that are permanently increasing flexible work schedules for their employees.