Can You Start A Small Business Without a Virtual Office? Sure. But Why Would You?

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We live in the era of advanced technology.  It’s quite possible that your small business can be conducted entirely on your smartphone. There are big reasons why it shouldn’t. That’s why we recommend using a Virtual Office.

There are things that can’t be trusted to a personal cellular device. The difference between “call me” and “call my office” might very well cost you the key customers that would turn your new business into a smashing success.

Are you a ‘real’ business? Certainly. You may be an expert in your field and you’re ready to rock n’ roll.  You have skills or a service that would benefit potential clients greatly and make your business a success.  But…
Unless your potential customers view you as as a real business with a real office, they may very well hesitate and move on to a competitor with a more established presence.

Start a Business with a Virtual Office

Here’s where a virtual office offers you the best of all worlds.  With a new business, you probably don’t want the daunting experience of opening a physical office.  It ties you down to a specific location, and you waste expenses, time, and worry over expensive rent and utilities, hiring employees and managing them, and all the other hassles and overhead that incur. Yet if you are just a voice on a phone and a business card with your home address, new clients may not want to take a chance on you.

A virtual office is the solution.  It gives you an immediate prestigious corporate presence at an established address, a dedicated company phone and fax number, shipping and mailing services, voice mail converted to email, and professional live receptionists personally answering your client calls.  All at remarkably low cost.

With a virtual office from, you establish a solid and credible corporate identity from the get-go! Visit the website to check out the services and sign up for only $99 a month. Get ready to start a business!