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Your Reputation And How You Are Perceived Is Everything. The Strange Tale of Charlie Sheen


What can a virtual office possibly have to do with a celebrity’s outrageous antics? If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you may not have heard of the insane meltdown of the actor Charlie Sheen, but it’s a rare soul that hasn’t followed his story just a little, even by occasional peeks. The media sure won’t let us forget it. From tabloid excess to talk show hosts’ jokes, to his own self-promotion on Twitter and just about everywhere else, to serious news organizations climbing on the bandwagon. Charlie Sheen’s behavior is a staple of the 24/7 news cycle right now and shows little sign of slowing down.

Cashing in on his own infamy, Mr. Sheen has now embarked upon a quickly-assembled tour of 20 cities with an act that consists almost entirely of him showcasing his recently bizarre persona. In Detroit, the first stop, he was roundly booed off the stage. In Chicago, the reception was a lot better; but a sideshow-like atmosphere seems to be the appeal.

Critics generally agree that all this outrageousness is not likely to bode well for his long-term credibility or career success. Perception is everything, and, temporarily fascinating or not, the actor is not boosting his reputation.

If even a celebrity of this magnitude can suffer from a poor image, imagine how important it is to preserve your own image. While meltdowns aren’t at issue, how your customers perceive your integrity and accountability can make or break your business. If your business is seen as too small, flighty, or not grounded in first-class surroundings, your reputation may suffer. Opus Virtual Office to the rescue.

Boost Your Reputation with a Virtual Office

Virtual offices are a great way to enhance the reputation of a small to medium-sized business. Without the costs and long-term commitments of renting physical space and managing personnel, a virtual office provides a solid presence in any of hundreds of locations in cities across the country. Your company benefits from heightened visibility and credibility with a prestigious corporate address that impresses clients and assures them of its stability. State-of-the-art communications tools are offered, including professional receptionists personally answering calls. This lets you focus on providing the services that will ensure success. 

Opening a virtual office is a stellar way of improving the perception and reputation of your business. Your business is no place for off-the-wall drama.

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