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Baseball Season Arrives! A Virtual Office Lets You Play Ball in the Big Leagues


Small league, Virtual Office, Big league! talks baseball.

Still feeling like winter in some parts of North America, Major League Baseball opened its 111th season on March 31. This was in order to keep the World Series from running too late into October.  Six games were played to packed crowds. At New York’s iconic Yankee Stadium as well as in Washington, Cincinnati, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. The first homerun of the season was hit by Atlanta’s Jason Heyward against the Washington Nationals. A statistic that will be carefully recorded in a game that honors statistics like no other.

I was raised on Big League baseball, by a 4’10” dynamo of a grandmother who was a fanatic New York Mets fan after mourning the loss of her beloved Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles.  New York was a great town for baseball, but I didn’t dare utter the name of the rival Yankees in Grandma’s house!

Major League Baseball is, of course, very big business: revenue generated in 2010 was $6.8 billion.  While there was a minor scandal last summer relating to the profitability of a few teams which received revenue-sharing money, the bottom line is that larger markets support winning teams and winning teams produce more profit.

Play Ball with a Virtual Office

Opening a virtual office can help a small business owner compete in the ‘big leagues’. Regardless of your proficiency, or the quality of your goods and services, if you are not perceived as a major player in an important location, you may not be seen as competitive.  A virtual office gives your business a prestigious address in any of the cities which hosted opening day games, or any of hundreds of others.  Services include corporate telephone and fax, additional state-of-the-art communications options, and skilled, live receptionists personally handling customer calls. So, get ready to play ball with in the big leagues.

Be a winner by opening a virtual office in a major league market.  It’s a crackerjack of a smart decision. Play ball!

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