What do Lady Gaga and the CEO of PepsiCo Have in Common?

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Well, the answer could be that they both played in rock bands as teenagers. They did. And the answer could be that they both might have benefited from having virtual offices on the way up the ladder of success. Almost any businessperson could. But, of course, the answer is they are both highly successful ‘women’ in business: sitting at #7, Lady Gaga, and #6, Indra Nooyi, on Forbes List of Most Powerful Women.

Of different generations, both are superbly savvy and are extremely socially conscious. Both women came from middle-class backgrounds to rise to the pinnacle of their respective fields; entertainment entrepreneur and top corporate executive. And it was not so long ago that their success would have been impossible.

The success of women in breaking barriers in business has been dramatic. Although the average woman’s salary statistically lags behind mens’, women in 2011 are doing exactly what men are. Piloting airplanes, running large corporations, taking up private entrepreneurship, and even running for President of the United States.

Advisors to America’s Small Business estimate that about 1/3 of entrepreneurs in the U.S. are women, and that businesses run by women are growing at rate higher than the total growth of all U.S. companies. It’s not surprising that women choose to start their own business, which allows for maximum creativity, high productivity, unlimited financial freedom, and more time for the family.

So how can a woman entrepreneur benefit from opening a virtual office? Instant credibility and visibility without revealing her home address and phone number are important reasons. A virtual office offers an instant corporate identity in prestigious locations across the country and all the help a busy person needs to eliminate the hassles of office management; allowing her to focus on her skills. A complete package of useful communications services are provided, including live receptionists that add instant professionalism.

Maybe Lady Gaga was ‘Born this Way’, but most business owners, women and men alike, need help. A virtual office provides a perfect solution.

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