The NY Times Writes “Who Really Sent that Email?” With Virtual Offices, You Have More Control

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The NY Times published an editorial on April 10 about the huge security breach at online marketing firm, Epsilon – affecting many of the nation’s largest companies and exposing millions of email addresses and names to potential phishing attacks and other scams. And what the editorial said is “Be concerned”.  Operating virtual offices makes it easy to heed that advice.

As the immense scale of the breach became clear, banks, retailers, and others alerted their customers to be wary of fraudulent emails that might appear to be from them.  Some of the major companies that acknowledge being affected include Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Disney, Walgreen’s, Best Buy, Verizon, Visa, Capitol One, Marriott, Target, HSN, U.S. Bancorp, and many others.

Spam and phishing email attempting to trick customers appears to be the biggest threat.  The editorial reminds us that familiarity breeds complacency. It’s habit to click on links and attachments in emails that appear to be from trusted sources.  Vigilance is important when you suspect spam email.  Whether at home, in your home office, or receiving correspondence from your virtual office, the advice is never click on links within suspicious emails and never give out personal identifiable information to anyone.

A business owner with multiple physical offices employing many people might be downing antacids like candy.   He’s hoping each employee follows instructions and does nothing foolish in handling information passing through their hands.

Control Your Business with a Virtual Office

A business owner operating a virtual office may have more control in this situation.  All the power of a multi-office enterprise, yet many less actual employees to police and train to take intelligent action.  Fewer employees working remotely from your physical office gives you more hands-on control, while you retain the powerful image of operating multiple locations.  The virtual office concept can offer superior control, with precautions taken to guard your privacy. This includes limited phone system access and strict internet privacy policies.

Virtual offices from Opus Virtual Offices are a great solution even when unique problems haven’t arisen.  No costs and headaches associated with renting physical space, equipment, or managing all those employees.  While you keep a watchful eye on all phases of your business from the security of your home office, your customers are treated to your presence in major cities across the country.  With an Opus virtual office, professional live receptionists answer calls personally and direct them only to you.

Opus Virtual Offices is the Right Choice

It’s a jungle out there.  With a virtual office from Opus VO, you can keep growing your business while retaining control over the bad guys. Visit to learn more.