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Multiple Virtual Offices Make Your Business Remarkable

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I haven’t read his latest book yet, just released in February, and the guru of the most unique business approaches possible certainly doesn’t need my endorsement, but I was re-reading Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin’ recently. I immediately started thinking about how virtual offices fit perfectly with his ideas on making a company invaluable and remarkable.  Unique, like his iconic Purple Cow. I just know that Seth would give the thumbs up to an entrepreneur who knows how to utilize the virtual office concept in order to stand out from the pack.

irtual Offices Make Your Business Remarkable

While it’s fine having a single office in one area, or working out of a home office, it reduces your opportunities to grow your business into a more universal enterprise. So, your clients’ perception of your authority might suffer. It’s a lot better to have more than one location. However, the cost of opening additional physical offices can be prohibitive. Real estate commitments, operating expenses, the hassles of hiring and maintaining a staff, and other concerns can be a financial and logistical burden. This is where virtual offices can shine for you.

Get a Virtual Office Anywhere

Break out of small, everyday thinking by opening virtual offices in New York, Vegas, LA or Miami. As few or as many, as nearby or distant, as your imagination can take you.

It’s amazing how much bang you can get for your buck when you open a virtual office! With ‘virtually’ no overhead, a virtual office offers dedicated company phone and fax number. Also included is voicemail which converts to email, premium call transferring, shipping and mailing services, and invaluable live professional receptionists personally answering customer calls.

Wow your clients with Opus Virtual Offices at prestigious addresses in any of hundreds of cities across the country.  All without leaving your home office.  Now, that’s remarkable! For more details visit

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