With a Virtual Office in Dallas, Your Satisfied Customers Are Your Best Advertisement

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There’s no better advertisement than word of mouth. Once you open a virtual office in Dallas, you’ll be telling your friends about the benefits, because your customers will be telling their friends!

There’s a restaurant in Dallas, actually within walking distance of one of the Opus Virtual Office locations, that is so successful by word of mouth alone, it doesn’t need to advertise.
A highly-touted five-star restaurant, Abacus is a labor of love for ‘Iron Chef America’ winner Chef Kent Rathbun, with an eclectic menu ranging from fine steaks to upscale barbecue and Mediterranean. Also something called Lobster Shooters that is the finest appetizer in Dallas.
Virtual Office in Dallas

Now this isn’t a restaurant review. Nor do I know Chef Rathbun, but his establishment’s success is due to talent, hard work, and exceeding customers’ expectations. Let me suggest that by opening a virtual office in Dallas, you can help your business do the same.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is unsurprisingly Texas-sized, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the U.S..  It’s a center for banking, telecommunications, energy, transportation, and computer technology. Dallas is also home to twelve Fortune 500 companies, including ExxonMobil and American Airlines. It is also a mecca for sports and the arts, and is the headquarters for The Susan B. Komen For the Cure organization.

With a virtual office in Dallas, you instantly show your clients that your company is important and has a major market presence.  The Opus Virtual Offices package offers state-of-the-art communications and other valuable business services.  Professional receptionists answer calls for that added personal touch that always impresses customers. You can be sure they’ll be telling their colleagues and friends.

Good word of mouth can be more valuable than spending lots of ad dollars.  Visit www.opusvirtualoffices.com  for details.