Virtual Office As Health Cure!?

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There’s no need to juggle ten things at once when you can open an Opus Virtual Office instead.

It seems like every day we try to squeeze in more tasks at once.  We’re speaking to one client on one phone, a second is on hold on another; we’re writing an email, and checking the latest sports scores, all at the same time.  While we’ve been told that multitasking can hurt accuracy and performance, we keep on doing it anyway.  But did you know that constant multitasking can lead to mental burnout, anxiety, and depression?
And now, there are studies showing that multitasking can also affect our short-term memory.

Virtual Office As Health Cure

A recent research study at the University of California at San Francisco found that dividing attention and switching back and forth affects working memory and can cause short-term memory loss, especially as we get older.  Burnout?  Depression?  Memory loss?  Certainly no small businessperson can afford these conditions.  Let a virtual office provide the health cure.

A virtual office takes the burden of trying to cope with too many tasks by yourself, especially if you’re a home-based entrepreneur with little or no ancillary staff.  A virtual office can ‘become’ your staff, for a surprisingly low cost.  Pick a location as near or far from your base of operations as you want, and let the virtual office work for you.  You get a corporate address,  as well as telephone and fax number.   Voicemail converts automatically to email, and call forwarding reaches you wherever you are.  You can relax and focus on your customers while professional live receptionists take and route your calls.

De-stress your business and your life with an Opus Virtual Office right now. It’s just what the doctor ordered! The perfect health cure. Visit us at