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Facebook Test-Marketing ‘Deals’ In Five Top Opus Virtual Office Cities


A virtual approach to coupon distribution on Facebook that offers great real-life deals to customers and excellent exposure for businesses is the latest rage. Sounds a lot like the benefits of a virtual office, doesn’t it?

The Groupon business model is red-hot, with Living Social and others, as well as the giant, Google Offers, climbing on the bandwagon. Now Facebook, with its built-in 600 million member consumer base, has just announced its own Deals program. Facebook is hoping that its ability to tap into its massive network will help it offer a compelling service to challenge its competitors.

Virtual coupons scanning off a customer’s cell phone is a highly innovative way of doing business. A virtual office is also a highly innovative way of doing business: shouldn’t you open one now?

Facebook is test-marketing its Deals program in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, and San Diego.  These cities just happen to be very popular Opus Virtual Office locations. Do you think Facebook might be onto something? A virtual office in any of these cities, or hundreds of others, is yours almost instantly. At a surprisingly low cost too. Your business gets a corporate address, telephone and fax number, shipping and mailing, as well as a complete package of digital services designed for your own and your customers’ convenience. Live professional receptionists answering the phone personally is a  unique feature that’s hard to beat.

Think ‘innovative’ when it comes to meeting your customer’s needs. Visit us at for all the details.

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