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The Advantages Of Having A Virtual Office In Charlotte, N.C.


Opening a virtual office is a great way to enhance your company’s image virtually anywhere. One sweet location for your virtual office is ‘the Queen City’, Charlotte, NC.

In researching this fascinating city, I was surprised and impressed to learn that Charlotte is not only a major financial center, it is the second largest in the U.S. after New York City. If you’re not a Charlottean, as residents are called, I’ll give you a prize if you knew that either.  All kidding aside, a terrific place to consider opening a virtual office!

Bank of America has its headquarters in Charlotte and it is also home of East Coast Operations for Wells Fargo.  Duke Energy headquarters here in the so-called Tower of Power. This corporation that might become the largest electric utility in the country if a scheduled merger is approved. And with its mild climate, professional sports teams, universities and and culture, the city has seen remarkable growth in recent years.

In addition, celebrity chef Emeril LaGasse is planning on opening one of his signature restaurants in Charlotte. It will also be the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Settle Down with a Virtual Office in Charlotte

All this points to Charlotte as an excellent location to expand the reach and polish the image of your business with a virtual office. A Charlotte virtual office will give you a prime corporate address while you conduct business remotely. Impress your new clients with your new virtual office offering local telephone and fax, shipping, advanced communications like voicemail converting to email audio files, and especially with the professional live receptionists answering their calls.

What are you waiting for? An Opus Virtual Office in Charlotte can be yours for only $99 a month. Stop by and see how easy it is.

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