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Nothing Comes Between Me And My Virtual Office


Well, that’s not exactly how he put it, but the painting contractor who recently painted the interior of my house made it perfectly clear how much he loved his virtual office!

Let me make it clear; I had nothing to do with this one. This painter was a solid virtual office cheerleader before I even chose him for the job.

Like anyone else, I can’t tell a virtual office from a physical one when calling a new contractor, service person, accountant or attorney. If I get top-notch treatment on the phone, if I get a sense of real concern and professionalism, I’m likely to choose that individual or company.

I was given the names and numbers of three painters from a relative who hadn’t personally used them yet. I wasn’t thrilled going into an expensive and important choice cold.

The first number I called was answered by voicemail sounding like a private cell phone. Casual and garbled, it gave me no confidence and, anyway, my message was never returned.

My second call was answered by a cheerful receptionist with a professional and explanatory greeting.  I never needed the third number and I never thought ‘virtual office’ even though I write about them daily!

A Virtual Office is the Way to Go

The painter showed up at the scheduled time, and his references, price, and manner matched the wonderful treatment I’d received from his receptionist. It was a deal, and I complimented him on the professionalism of his staff. He laughed and said he works alone out of his home. He had been using Opus Virtual Offices for many months and said it was the best investment he ever made. Customers like myself were impressed with the professionalism and business had never been better.

So even I can be impressed by a virtual office! I was also impressed when he didn’t bat an eye when I requested my study be painted bright yellow-orange.

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