Forbes: 23 Ways You’re Wasting Money. #24. Not Investing In A Virtual Office

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The other day published an article that I thoroughly enjoyed, though I also felt a little embarrassed.  Informative, detailed, and colorful, it was a great piece titled “Twenty-Three Ways Your Laziness Is Costing You Money.” And to that, I had to add #24. Not looking into investing in a virtual office.

Forbes came up with quite a list. Not a ‘Dirty Dozen’, but a whole ‘Dirty Twenty-Three’: how we waste money daily in the simplest ways.  And if you’re not guilty of some, I nominate you for Frugal Sainthood.  I, blushingly, was guilty of quite a few.

The picture on the left represents purchasing pre-cut produce rather than cutting up your own, for a wasteful mark-up of 37%.  On the right, the model is correctly checking her credit card statement carefully for hidden charges or incorrect billing.  I hate to say why I chose these two pictures, so I won’t.

Not Investing In A Virtual Office

Included were common sense matters like maintaining your car, clipping coupons, shopping with a list, getting the best rates on savings accounts, insulating your home properly, and brewing your own coffee rather than shelling out for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

More subtle, perhaps, were remembering to send in rebates, opening retirement accounts as early as possible, never ordering premium video on demand, and comparison shopping with your smartphone.  The entire article is available on dated 5.12.11.

Well, maybe it isn’t always laziness that keeps a small business entrepreneur from looking into the benefits of a virtual office; sometimes he or she just doesn’t realize how remarkably convenient and cost savings it can be.

Try out a Virtual Office. According to Forbes, You’ll Save Money

Don’t rent costly office space and furnish a physical office. A virtual office provides a prestigious corporate address that impresses and inspires confidence in customers. An entire digital toolbox full of the latest in advanced communications for operating remotely and efficiently. Don’t forget live receptionists for that personal touch.

An Opus Virtual Office offers all these services for only $99 per month.  Don’t throw away money.
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