India IT Companies to Increase US Presence as Opus Virtual Offices announces International Expansion

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Opus Virtual Offices, a premier provider of virtual office services in the United States, announces the expansion of its international outreach program. This encourages IT and other businesses in India and around the world to take advantage of low cost access to prime U.S. corporate addresses by utilizing virtual offices. An international business can boost its reach and prestige instantly by utilizing virtual offices. Eliminated is the overwhelming expense of acquiring and maintaining on-site office space from afar. A virtual office is a complete business system that uses the latest technology to create an online working environment. This can be accessed remotely from virtually anywhere, all for a single low fee.

“By choosing a virtual office from Opus, an international company gets the benefit of a U.S. corporate address for only $99 a month, says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “The visibility and recognition that a U.S. branch office delivers can’t be beat. We have successful partnerships with companies in many different countries, including India. I’m delighted that additional companies in India are responding with excitement to our enhanced outreach program.”

India Breaks Into The US Market

The allure of having a strong U.S. presence with no hassles and at nominal cost is making the utilization of virtual office services a favorite choice of IT companies in India as they look to enhance their prestige and add additional markets. Indian companies large and small in other industries are also looking to break into U.S. markets. And it is not just India that will be taking advantage of Opus’s expanded outreach.

Overseas companies in France, the UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, and many other countries are signing up for the program. From a large corporation seeking maximum visibility with minimum expenditure to a smaller business looking for the opportunity to enter the U.S. marketplace, a virtual office is the perfect solution. Indeed, it’s difficult to call a company a truly global corporation in 2011 without satellite offices in the United States. What are the advantages that make an Opus Virtual Office so appealing to international business?

Opus VO Has Locations Across The Country

With over 600 locations to choose, a company can gain an impressive corporate address virtually anywhere in the United States. From a small city to Los Angeles, from Chicago to Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Services include telephone and fax numbers with local area codes. Also included are shipping and mailing, premium message notification and call forwarding, and state-of-the-art digital communications so that faxes and voicemail are conveniently converted to email. Live professional receptionists, English-speaking and highly trained for courtesy and efficiency, answering client calls and getting messages where they need to go. Even 7000 miles away. This completes the virtual office package. Savvy companies from around the globe have been highly impressed with the virtual office concept. With its enhanced international outreach, Opus Virtual Offices plans to be servicing and satisfying many more in years to come.