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Virtual Books More Popular Than Physical Books. Can Virtual Offices Be Far Behind?

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Why deal with paper taking up space when you can go virtual?  Why deal with a costly physical office taking up space when you can have a virtual office?

E-book sales are red-hot.  In February alone, e-books racked up sales of $90 million, more  than tripling February 2010 sales, and there’s no end in sight.  Now, I’m a booklover.  I find that shelves of beautifully bound hardcover books are almost sensuous; but the technology that made e-readers possible is also seductive and much more practical in the 21st century.

Today, I couldn’t live without my NOOKcolor e-reader/tablet with an entire virtual world contained inside, and I can easily imagine a small business owner taking advantage of the flexibility and freedom a virtual office offers for much the same reasons.

Why not open a virtual office in Seattle, home of and its Kindle, or in New York City, headquarters to my NOOKcolors’ Barnes & Noble?

Can Virtual Offices Be Far Behind

With a virtual office, you’re not tied down with a commitment to physical space in a single location.  Long-term leases, utility bills, extra equipment and extra personnel are relics of the past.  A virtual office is to a physical office as Googling a phone number and address is to looking them up in a heavy phonebook.

A satellite virtual office – or more than one –  established in strategic locations across the country can enhance your corporate presence instantly and at very little expense.  An impressive address, associated telephone and fax, voicemail converting to email, shipping .and premium call forwarding connect you and your customers in ways business needs to be done today.  And with an opus virtual office you have the additional benefit of live, professional dedicated receptionists answering calls personally.

Don’t carry around more baggage than you need to grow a successful business.  Visit us at our website at

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