5 Top Reasons Successful Home based Businesses Choose Opus Virtual Offices for 2011

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Home based businesses are among the leading users of virtual offices. Online workplaces that give an impressive corporate image at extremely low cost, virtual offices are the perfect solution to how to work from home while maximizing profits and personal satisfaction. A popular provider of virtual office systems, Opus Virtual Offices is having a banner year in 2011. Recently, Opus VO put together a list of the top reasons its most successful home based businesses just love their virtual offices.

“I feel we offer a great program giving home based businesspeople the features they need to present a professional image and be successful,” explains Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “Listening to feedback from satisfied clients is one way we make sure our virtual offices will keep exceeding their expectations in the future.”

1. “There’s no way I want my family’s home address on my website or business cards, and a P.O. box doesn’t give customers a sense of trust. My virtual office is the perfect solution.” Even without the occasional horror stories, why would home based entrepreneurs want to expose their home address? With a virtual office, both professionalism and privacy is maintained with an established corporate address.

2. “I want my business to reflect my credibility. Presenting the image that it’s sizable and established in order to compete with larger companies.” A virtual office offers a choice of impressive corporate addresses, and valuable services that help convey a strong market presence even when working from an office at home.

3. “My job is to take care of my customers, not answer phones and take messages. I can’t afford to miss an opportunity if a message were lost.” Business people who utilize virtual offices can count on always being reachable and missing no important communications due to sophisticated call transferring, as well as faxes and voicemail that convert to email.

4. “Someday I plan to expand. I don’t want to assume the cost and hassle of opening physical offices.” The cost of operating a virtual office is so nominal. $99 a month for an Opus VO system, that opening additional offices is always a low cost option.

5. “I love having trained, courteous receptionists personally answering calls during business hours. I may be working at home, but my business presents a polished, professional image.” Of those surveyed, every single one mentioned this service as one of the most attractive reasons they chose an inclusive virtual office program. Virtual offices are a very popular trend since they fill a need elegantly and very inexpensively. There were plenty of reasons Opus home based clients mentioned for being so satisfied in 2011. But, these top 5 were mentioned again and again.