Go Green with the Virtual Office Advantage Launched by Opus

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Virtual offices offer some great advantages over traditional office space. Online workplaces that utilize advanced technology and prestigious mailing addresses to create a strong national corporate presence. They’re the smart alternative to the high costs and headaches of operating physical offices. Now, Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office systems, is launching an informational campaign, the Go Green Advantage, to highlight how virtual offices can also benefit the environment.

“Our virtual office program is the perfect alternative to traditional business operations for businesses looking to reduce costs yet retain integrity and professionalism, ” says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “But one of the best reasons, the advantage to the environment, isn’t always emphasized. With our Go Green Advantage information, Opus will be explaining these important benefits to our clients.” An immediate advantage to the environment of operating a virtual office is the elimination of transportation. Oil consumption, pollutants, and their impact on the environment disappear. With Opus’s advanced telecommunications, an entrepreneur can be thousands of miles from the office, on top of operations, yet never drive or fly a mile. If a few employees travel to the traditional office, the difference is even greater. With professional receptionists answering phones remotely, staffing is reduced or eliminated. Power consumption is also reduced to a minimum with virtual offices.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Go Green with A Virtual Office

While the company presents with prestigious corporate mailing addresses nationwide, the only significant electricity and water consumption are at home office headquarters. In some cases, that might be a solopreneur’s own home. The consumption of materials that go into a physical office reduces with a virtual office. Paper and plastic usage minimizes as almost everything is handled digitally. These are things that are often taken for granted. In today’s world with its limited resources and increasing pollution, they can’t afford to be. Operating elegantly through the beauty of technology, low cost virtual offices shine. And Opus Virtual Offices wants clients and consumers to know the facts and Go Green.