Contractors Using Opus Virtual Offices Report Increased Sales in 2011, Survey Shows

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Electricians, plumbers, roofers, pool cleaners, painters, and other individual service contractors who chose to utilize virtual offices from Opus to help manage their office work and improve their professional image showed sales increases in 2011 despite the down economy. An in-house survey by Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office systems, revealed each contractor who responded reported sales improvement, some in double digits, and all gave thumbs up to retaining the service.

“Service industry contractors are some of the most loyal users of our virtual offices.” explained Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “An independent electrician or plumber, for instance, doesn’t have enough hands to be bothered with details of managing an office. This showed that our contractor clients were not only pleased with the Opus program for convenience, but that it also translated into increased sales.”

Virtual offices are complete business systems that utilize the latest technology to create flexible online workplaces. This boosts the professional image of a business and help it compete with much larger businesses. What are the benefits to an individual contractor who works from home? Underneath a leaky sink or high on a ladder is no place or time to answer the phone. And cell phone voicemail is unlikely to convey confidence in the size and sophistication of a business. Neither does a residential address or PO Box on a business card. While they are experts in their field, contractors are not necessarily experts in managing an office.

Contractors Choose Opus Virtual Offices

These are some areas where virtual offices shine. Instead of painters grappling for the cell phone with spackling tool in hand, their virtual office provides live, experienced outsourced receptionists answering calls and taking messages personally during a wide range of business hours. Additionally, a business phone number with a pre-recorded message, fax number, and premium call forwarding are included. Voicemail and faxes convert seamlessly to email. A corporate mailing address is provided in any of hundreds of locations. This creates a professional image and keeps their home address private. All these services for only $99 a month added up to freedom and increased sales.