Businesses Seeking Flexibility, Low Costs Due to Economic and Social Uncertainty Drive Opus VO to Record Month

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With a troubling up and down global economy, as well as growing popular unrest at these conditions, entrepreneurs and small businesses have been turning to flexible, low cost virtual offices. This gives Opus VO, a premier provider of virtual office services, its strongest month’s growth ever. As global economic conditions remain volatile and growing popular unrest is being seen due to these conditions, entrepreneurs and small businesses, wary of making expensive long-term commitments to physical office space, have been turning to flexible low cost virtual offices in a big way. This recent trend has been a factor in Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, recording its best month ever.

“There’s nothing I’d like better than to see the economy rebound, and virtual offices provide unparalleled benefits for businesses even in good times,” says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “But entrepreneurs and businesses have had to educate themselves quickly to survive and profit right now, and so many have chosen the virtual office solution from Opus that we’ve recorded our strongest monthly growth ever.”

A Low Cost Virtual Office is the Way To Go

With volatile markets and some citizens of the U.S. and around the world expressing public displeasure, Opus feels that it’s a rare entrepreneur who wants to jump into a long-term rental, lease, or purchase commitment to physical office space. A sector volatile in itself. Utilities, staffing, and equipment adds to the investment and stress. But holding back and doing nothing compounds the stagnation, for the entrepreneur and also the wider economy. Low-cost, flexible virtual offices come to the rescue. Opus defines a virtual office as a complete business system utilizing the latest technology to create a flexible online workplace. It enhances a business’s reach and image, allowing it to compete with larger companies at low cost. Opus VO, for instance, offers virtual offices all across the nation, ready to be operated virtually immediately. Only for $99 a month each.

Opus Virtual Offices Can Help

A quality virtual office will include a prestigious corporate mailing address in hundreds of U.S. cities with local phone and fax numbers. With advanced technology converting fax and voicemail to email. Live, professional, American receptionists answer calls and take messages during business hours. Start-ups, home businesses, and established larger companies wanting to add multiple branches within a region or across the country have been enjoying the benefits of virtual offices for years. All for the most minimal of risk and expense. And this month, more business people have been deciding that Opus VO’s solution to real world business problems lets them sleep a little easier at night.