35 South American Companies Expand into US Market Utilizing Opus Virtual Office Program

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With South America’s economies growing dramatically, South American businesses are ready to display a first class global image. Since establishing a strong U.S. presence is one of the best ways to achieve this, these businesses are taking advantage of the benefits low cost U.S. virtual offices offer. In October alone, 35 South American companies signed with Opus VO, a leading provider of virtual office services, affording them instant access to the U.S. market. With South America’s economies experiencing dramatic growth, South American businesses will attain the world class image they deserve.

Obtain A Global Presence with a Virtual Office

One of the best ways to obtain global prestige is expansion into the U.S. market. To achieve this without incurring the high overhead of physical offices, South American businesses have discovered the benefits of low cost U.S. virtual offices. And in October, 35 South American companies signed up with Opus VO, a premier provider of virtual office services, giving them instant access to the U.S. market.

“Business people from South America are sophisticated and see great opportunity ahead,” says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “I and the Opus staff were impressed by how many were already aware of our virtual office solution. In October, 35 South American companies signed up for our program, a 200% increase over the previous month. And Opus VO expects to see a lot more in the future.”

The economies of South America are humming right now; but it is the U.S. that remains the world’s largest economy and leading superpower. Savvy business people everywhere know if they want to display a true global image, it’s important to develop a strong U.S. presence. Previously that presence came at high cost. Opening international offices used to be logistically difficult and prohibitively expensive. Not anymore. Advanced technology has made breaking into the U.S. market easy and inexpensive.

Opus VO Leads

Opus VO leads the industry by providing a comprehensive solution. The Opus Virtual Office solution is a complete business system utilizing the latest technology to create flexible online workplaces. International companies can obtain prestigious U.S. corporate addresses with local phone and fax numbers, the services of live, professional local receptionists taking calls and messages, and features Skype for transferring calls. And no costly office space to maintain. With Opus technology, South American and other international businesses can create a powerful, multi-office U.S. identity without needing to step foot onto U.S. soil. For only $99 per month each. 35 South American companies made the decision in October that this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. Many more will follow.