Home Based Entrepreneurs Cite Virtual Office Technology as Key to Success, Opus VO Study Shows

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Operating home based businesses has been a strong area of growth as the economy continues to struggle, offering a lot of benefits for an ambitious entrepreneur. But there are pitfalls too. Recently, Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, surveyed 20 highly successful home based entrepreneurs, and they report almost unanimously that utilizing the advanced technology provided by virtual offices is the key that best helps them overcome obstacles, helping increase productivity and sales.

“Opus is committed to giving its clients the best virtual office solution in the industry, so we survey our clients’ needs regularly to learn what’s important to them, ” explains Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices. “Thriving home based business owners have told us that Opus advanced technology is the tool most invaluable to their success.”

Home based entrepreneurs enjoy the freedom to make their own hours and be close to family. They also save money by not requiring physical office space. But using a home address or PO box, answering their own phones, and managing calls, messages and voicemail from home compromises privacy, ties up their time, and doesn’t display an optimal professional image.

An elegant solution to these drawbacks is a virtual office; defined as a complete business system which utilizes advanced cloud based technology to create a flexible online workplace. It greatly enhances business image by providing an impressive corporate mailing address, corporate phone and fax numbers. Live professional receptionists, premium call transferring, voicemail and fax to email conversion are also included.

One Low Set Price For a Virtual Office from Opus VO

Not long ago, a home based business owner couldn’t even dream of such conveniences. But with state of the art digital technology such as provided by Opus VO, it’s now possible to operate a thoroughly modern and professional company from home for only $99 per month. And as sales and productivity increases, the opportunity for acquiring additional addresses becomes a reality. Each for the same low cost, and without leaving home. The highly successful entrepreneurs surveyed by Opus VO wouldn’t have it any other way.