Opus VO Program Helps New Companies Establish Business Credit

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Opening a new business is an exciting but challenging experience. A new entrepreneur or new small business owner will have products and services to offer and a business plan in mind. What comes next? Incorporating and obtaining all-important business credit. Achieving this requires a corporate address and solid image. Opus VO, a leading provider of virtual office services, has launched a program to identify and help businesses establish themselves and build credit by providing a complete corporate presence utilizing its low cost, proven virtual office system.

“Opus VO wants to make sure that its clients have success in building solid credit and a corporate presence that impresses is essential. Obviously, our virtual office solution fits the bill beautifully since for a nominal fee. One can be fully operational and meet the requirements needed to facilitate the credit building process,” says Yori Galel, CEO, Opus Virtual Offices.

Anyone trying to establish business credit will want to create a separate entity. You need to incorporate or form an LLC to limit personal liability prior to applying for credit. Entrepreneur Magazine identifies this as the first basic step in acquiring business credit. Incorporation requires a corporate address as does the subsequent application to a bank or loan institution.

Opus VO is the #1 Choice for New Business

Opus Virtual Offices recognizes the importance of having a dedicated company address to obtain credit. Especially for businesses that are home based, and its program helps provide optimal locations and the tools to succeed. Besides providing corporate addresses required to obtain credit, virtual offices utilize advanced technology to offer a complete office system. This enhances the productivity and image of a business as it grows. Sophisticated communications keep entrepreneurs in touch with clients and suppliers at home, at the office, or on their smartphones, and professional live receptionists take calls. Almost every business needs credit. Opus VO is committed to helping new companies build that credit by providing a corporate address and presence.