International Companies Utilize Opus Virtual Offices to Facilitate Incorporation in U.S.

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Opus VO is seeing a large increase in international companies choosing its virtual office program as a valuable and low cost way to incorporate in the United States. Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, reports a large increase in international clients utilizing its virtual office program to facilitate the incorporation of their companies in the United States.

One Low Price

In order to incorporate in the U.S., companies need a U.S. presence. The Opus premium virtual office system offers a simple and elegant solution for the inclusive low price of only $99. A U.S. address is required to incorporate in the United States. Companies from all corners of the world including India, Australia, the UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Israel and many more are taking advantage of the Opus program to obtain a U.S. presence. For international companies, this affords them instant access to the U.S. market, as well as global recognition.

“Opus is proud to see the dramatic increase in international companies that choose our virtual office solution to incorporate in the U.S.,” says Yori Galel, CEO of Opus Virtual Offices. “Without the expense and logistics of travel and setting up physical offices, they immediately obtain corporate addresses giving them the opportunity to acquire U.S. branch offices, each for the nominal fee of $99.”

From large corporations seeking maximum visibility with minimum expenditure, to smaller businesses looking to enter the international marketplace, satellite offices in the U.S. seem essential. Many companies wanting to compete in the global market find that the Opus VO product offers a comprehensive solution without the traditional high overhead. A visit to the Opus VO website starts them on their way to becoming a U.S. corporate entity. All for the remarkably low cost of $99. They learn that the Opus program is a complete business system utilizing advanced technology to create flexible online workplaces.  

International Companies Love Opus VO

From almost anywhere in the world, international companies can obtain prestigious corporate addresses from any of over 500 locations across the country. From small cities to LA, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City. Included in the sophisticated system are local phone and fax numbers, and the services of live, professional local receptionists taking calls and messages. Opus Virtual Offices also features Skype for transferring calls. With Opus VO, an international business can create a powerful, multi-office U.S. identity right from their home office, smartphone or tablet located in almost any country in the world. All for extremely low cost. More and more international companies are already enjoying the benefits.