Opus Virtual Offices announces Memphis attorney as winner of iPad sweepstakes

Opus welcomes a new addition to the Opus Virtual Offices quarterly iPad sweepstakes, Lynn Lowery, an attorney from Memphis Tennessee and owner of Business Formation Solutions. As the winner of the June Sweepstakes, she received her brand new, first ever iPad in the mail and says she will use it for both her business and for personal entertainment. Besides reaping the benefits of this state of the art tablet, this business owner demonstrated her gratitude and personal experiences with Opus Virtual Offices, attesting to what she finds essential in the services Opus has provided for her business.

Mrs. Lowery’s company is based in St. Louis, Missouri and it incorporates businesses in all fifty states. Business Formation Solutions provides a wide range of corporate services for new companies in order to “keep it in good standing with the state providing compliance services and other helpful resources.” With a background in law and Masters in taxation, her insight has provided her company with success, forming all types of business entities since 1990. When asked how Opus’s services have been working for her and her business so far, Mrs. Lowery explained that the service has been “good” and that she “loves the live customized answering and after hours call forwarding system”. She can not use her home address or PO box for her business so “this package with a proper business address was the perfect fit”.

Opus VO Helps the Everyday Memphis Business Owner

Opus Virtual Offices provides business owners with a fully functioning business system. This includes a corporate address with a local phone and fax. You’ll also have advanced telecommunications, and professional live receptionists that take calls and forwards them to any phone number on behalf of  your company. With over 500 locations throughout the country, Opus VO is able to provide businesses like that of Mrs. Lowery’s, as well as other businesses, especially small ones with a corporate image essential to maximizing business opportunities. In a market where every cent counts, it’s important to maximize your company’s potential while also minimizing the costs. Opus VO is the perfect solution for cutting out the excess while still getting exactly what you need.

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Admin

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