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Google Drive phishing scam recovery


On our previous Article we discussed how to identify and prevent Google Drive phishing scam from happening to you. Now in case it is too late and your email has been hijacked you can follow these steps to recover and secure your account once again.

Google Drive phishing scam highlighted

Steps for Google Drive phishing scam recovery

  1. Immediately change your password and change the password in all places where you use the same password and email combination
  2. If your contacts list is gone (on gmail) you can recover it by loging in to your Gmail and go to contacts, under the “More” tab you can select restore contacts from up to 30 days
  3. Inform your contacts that you’ve had a security breach, and to not trust emails from you asking them to click on a link that directs them to google drive

contacts recovery from Google drive phishing scam

These are the main steps for recovering from this Google drive scam. I always recommend to make constant backups of your files and to update passwords every once in a while to prevent any attempts to access your accounts from hackers.

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