Opus Virtual Offices carries momentum into 2014 with renewal of New Year’s offer for new clients

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The leading provider of virtual office services, Opus Virtual Offices is once again offering new clients a New Year’s promotion that will waive the $100 cost of set up fees. 

Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, announces the return of their exciting New Year’s promotion. The promo offers new clients full service while waiving all set up fees. A discount of $100. Small business owners looking to take advantage of this offer can visit the Opus website and enter the promo code “2014” to automatically waive all set up fees upon submission. This savings will allow for entrepreneurs, home and web based business owners and franchisees to experience the advantage of a premium virtual office program and everything that comes with it for an even more affordable rate.

“The program was very successful for our clients last year. I want to make sure that new small businesses can have an equally prosperous 2014,” said Yori Galel, the CEO of Opus Virtual Offices. Opus is always looking for ways to support the small business community with our low cost virtual office solution. This evens the playing field by offering the same professional image and tools once available only to the largest corporations. A completely integrated system, the Opus VO program costs only $99 a month with no hidden fees.

Reap the Benefits of Virtual Offices

A virtual office comes as a complete business system that utilizes advanced technology to create a flexible, online workplace. This eliminates the costs and hassles of renting physical space. Opus advanced telecommunications offers premium messaging, fax and voicemail to email conversion, and professional, live receptionists personally taking calls. No potential customer contact is missed when the business owner is busy. The benefits of virtual offices from Opus VO are incredible.

Opus VO creates a polished virtual environment that gives contractors, professionals, consultants, salespeople, designers, franchisees and others the image, visibility, and accessibility of operating a fully equipped office. Opus VO has hundreds of impressive corporate addresses included across the country. A virtual office from Opus can extend a clients’ freedom to locations they never imagined possible. By using Opus Virtual Offices, businesses can not only reduce operating expenses, but also increase productivity and profits. The 2014 promotion makes the New Year the perfect time to experience the Opus Virtual Office advantage. For further information and to enter promo code “2014.”

About Opus Virtual Offices: 

Opus Virtual Offices provides the most complete Virtual Office program available in the industry. With more than 400 locations in the US, this gives you the corporate image you require. The Virtual Office program is the perfect office solution for all new and expanding businesses that look to gain all the resources to provide the perfect image at a low cost. Our sophisticated system is designed to provide all the features a professional business requires. This is without the extreme costs that are associated with the operating of a business.

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