Tips for Optimal Business Productivity

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business man turning back time

Ever wish that you had more hours in your day? With a little careful planning, you can optimize your time at your desk to ensure the greatest possible business productivity without increasing your working hours. Here are a few tips to help…

List, List, Horatio!

Making lists can help you to prioritize your tasks, especially on particularly busy days. A good rule is to create a list at the end of one day for what you will need to do the next day; that way you can leave your work at work and ensure that you don’t forget anything if you’ve got a multitude of tasks to devote your time to!

A Little Technology Can Help Business Productivity

By setting up e-mail rules or separate e-mail accounts for work and personal messages, you can ensure fewer distractions for yourself during your workday. Keep personal errands at a minimum during your allotted work time and safely set them aside where you can deal with them later.


Studies have shown that you’ll work better if you can fit in tiny breaks throughout the course of the day. 90 minutes of work followed by a 10-minute break is often a good fit; get up, take a brief walk, and get the blood flowing for extra brainpower.

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated

You are more likely to do better work if you are feeling your best. Make certain that you’re drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep. Eating the right things to prevent massive blood sugar crash in the afternoon helps as well. Fit in a good workout several times a week, and get a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Mindfulness will always create a better work environment, which in turn will create better work habits. Stay keen, and stay in charge.