Opus Virtual Offices December iPad Sweepstakes Winner Understands Value of Virtual Offices

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Opus Virtual Offices proudly announces the winner of their iPad sweepstakes for the month of December to be Rick Sax. Rick was born in Minnesota and currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. where he’s in the business of personal and business credit and funding.

His business, The Credit Repair Law Firm Chartered, is a 10-year-old company and associated law firm that specializes in helping small business owners “develop a stellar business profile.” Working with entrepreneurs and being a small business owner himself, Rick understands the value of a virtual office. He finds it’s “necessary to establish your business properly”. Rick and his business started using a virtual office a year and a half ago, just recently switching to Opus. Sax has explained that, not only is the Opus “price points” and “staff” exceptional, but the real reason for making the switch is the incomparable locations that Opus offers its clients.

Opus VO has Meeting Rooms All Over the Country

With meeting room locations in first class, cosmopolitan cities such as Atlanta, Boca Raton, and Ft. Lauderdale, Opus is able to provide small business owners the opportunity to be both flexible as far as their physical locations are concerned, while still maintaining a professional and established presence. Sax, for example, is planning to move to the Keys, moving away from his business in Ft Lauderdale.

Opus’s Las Olas location in Ft Lauderdale makes it possible for him to be in two locations at once. This doesn’t negatively affecting his business. Opus Virtual Offices offers services to small business owners that are key in operating a business at low costs. Entrepreneurs that join Opus VO know that these services will make them able to display their businesses with a corporate like image. This is necessary for maximizing their products and customer base. Sax will receive his iPad soon. He says that the device will immediately be put to good use since it can be an essential tool for conference room presentations. Although he doesn’t consider himself a “gadget guy”, he is grateful for winning the sweepstakes.

Learn More With Opus Virtual Offices

Opus Virtual Offices provides the most complete Virtual Office program available in the industry. With more than 500 locations in the US, this gives you the corporate image you require. The Virtual Office program is the perfect office solution for all new and expanding businesses that look to gain all the resources to provide the perfect image at a low cost. Our sophisticated system provides all the features a professional business requires without having the extreme costs.