Opus Virtual Offices offers special Spring promotion for new clients

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No matter how long the winter is, the spring is sure to follow. So as we all wait for this harsh winter to come to an end, its time to prepare for a successful spring. For college students this means spray tans and extra gym sessions. For entrepreneurs, however, the small business equivalence to getting ready for springtime is revamping that business plan. Thanks to Opus Virtual Offices, there has never been a better time. Spring is the season of renewal and renovation, and Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of the virtual office solution, delivers the perfect opportunity for a small business owner to tighten up his or her business.

Step into Spring with a Virtual Office

For those entrepreneurs ready to make the move to Opus VO this season, all setup fees will be waived. This instantly saves new clients $100. “With the end of winter finally approaching, and spring right around the corner, we wanted to give virtual office prospects something to look forward to. Therefore, we will waive all setup fees when new clients sign up using the promo code ‘spring’”, says Yori Galel, CEO of Opus Virtual Offices.

Opus VO is the Right Choice

Mr. Galel understands that for small business owners, keeping costs as low as possible is crucial for success. That is why people, now more than ever, are switching to virtual office solutions. Opus VO provides its clients with quick and easy access to a professional office identity. This is without the cost associated with a physical office. This service offers business owners a distinguished corporate mailing address with a corresponding phone number, fax, personalized voicemail, and exceptional receptionists readily available to take phone calls from clients. The complete package is available for $99 a month, and absolutely no setup fees when using the promotional code online. Spring is a time for brushing off the dirt and dust from a sedentary winter and getting ahead. And with Opus Virtual Offices’ spring promo, you can get ahead with an extra $100 in your pocket.