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Opus VO Studies Show Business Benefits of Remote Work


Opus Virtual Offices, a leader in the alternative workspace industry, has compiled data from multiple studies which illustrate the undeniable benefits companies gain by employing a remote workforce. This includes increased employee productivity, increased employee retention, overall increased company productivity and increased profits. Opus points to a key 2012 study from the Stanford School of Business which showed individual worker productivity out of the office increased by 13 percent. Attrition rates plummeted by more than 50 percent. In fact, overall company productivity typically grows by 20-30 percent when using remote workers. This is thanks to the huge overhead savings in office space expenses. Improved employee performance and reduced turnover was found as well. In short, remote work works.

An in-depth 2014 survey from Dell and Intel reveals that 52 percent of employees believe that people working from home are more productive, than those in an office. Of employees actually working from home, 86 percent feel they are more or equally productive as in an office. Only 14 percent saying they feel less productive. Amid all the benefits, however, even businesses with a solid remote work system in place find they benefit greatly from having face-to-face meetings on a semi-regular basis.

A Virtual Office Can Help When it Comes to Remote Work

Opus Virtual Offices can help a company keep office overhead costs down while also maintaining personal interaction thanks to their extremely low-priced conference room facilities. These rooms are available in many of their more than 500 locations nationwide. “Opus provides the last piece in the perfectly-functioning remote-based company,” said CEO Yori Galel. “Even with video chat and other communications technology, there’s still no substitute for meeting in-person to build an effective, productive team and improve employee relations. Opus provides affordable rental meeting space for as low as $25 per hour. In addition to all the other key elements needed for a professional operation such as a dedicated business address and professional receptionist.”

Choose Opus VO

Opus Virtual Offices charge a simple flat monthly fee of $99. This includes a dedicated business address, up to four business phone numbers, a business fax number with email forwarding, personalized voicemail to email service and a live receptionist to answer and transfer incoming calls in addition to conference room rentals and other business amenities for an additional flat rate.

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