Opus Virtual Offices Celebrates 2015 Growth, Forecasts Upcoming 2016 Expansion

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Opus Virtual Offices, a national leader in the alternative workspace industry, enjoyed a productive 2015 with significant expansion to its already-existing 500+ office locations throughout the United States and Canada. New office locations set to open in 2016 are already in the works. This marks Opus VO as one of the fastest-growing alternative workspace companies.

Unique Business Model

Opus has perfected its unique business model, which is based on one flat-rate of only $99 per month for its all-inclusive services. Services such as a business address, business fax and phone numbers and a live personal receptionist on duty during business hours, 8:30am – 5:30pm, to field incoming calls. Most Opus Virtual Office locations also offer high-tech conference rooms and other physical amenities to create the perfect office solution at a reliably low cost. “I believe it’s a sign of the improving economy. In particular the increase in small businesses,” said Opus Virtual Offices CEO Yori Galel. “Small businesses are growing and there’s no better way to manage a small, streamlined and economical office that working with Opus Virtual Offices. We provide small business owners all over the country a dedicated business address, live professional receptionist and other services essential to maintaining low business overhead.”

Business is Booming for Virtual Offices

While big banks have maintained their resistance to granting small business loans following the credit bubble burst and recession, the federal government’s Small Business Administration (SBA) has picked up the slack. Working with small banks, the SBA’s program allows for low-risk, low-reward type of loans. These are necessary to increase entrepreneurship but which corporate banks see little profit in approving. The SBA recently reported that in fiscal year 2015, the agency reached historic levels of lending. They approved more than $23.5 billion in loans. That’s a 22% increase in approvals and a 23% increase in dollar value compared to FY2014.

Opus Virtual Offices has built its business on a simple flat monthly fee of $99. This is unlike other alternative workspace companies, which layer in fine print and additional charges for necessary services. Responding to the surge in recent years of self-employed and remotely-working persons, the goal of Opus VO is to make it possible for every small business to operate the same as a large corporation, but without the expense.

Live Receptionist and More

Among the essential office services provided by Opus are a live receptionist to answer and forward calls; a corporate mailing address available in almost every business-significant part of town in most major cities; a company phone number and fax number which converts faxes to email for convenience; two voicemail boxes which forward audio files to email; and call forwarding to a max of four different phone numbers provided by the client. Further information is available at www.opusvirtualoffices.com Media Contact Vadim Zimet Phone: (561) 988-6900 Email: Vadim@opusvo.com