The Perks of Having a Virtual Office in Atlanta

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Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities in the country to start a new business. Home to a diverse talent pool and a rapidly growing tech industry, Atlanta has risen to the occasion to become one of the top cities in the world for numerous industries. These are just some reasons why you should have a virtual office in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Talent Pool

A critical component of start-up success is the talent within the company. Finding the right people can be a very difficult task. However, being in Atlanta makes recruiting a little bit easier. Home to many colleges like Georgia Tech and Emory University, these colleges have talent eager to learn and grow. Students from these colleges are ideal recruits for start-ups.

A Virtual Office in Atlanta Means Low Costs

The state of Georgia has a low corporate tax rate of 5.75%, one of the lowest in the country. Atlanta also has a relatively low cost of living compared to other major metro areas. This is important for new businesses with limited financial resources. New businesses can access resources they would find in a larger city such as Chicago or Los Angeles without breaking the bank.


Atlanta is home to the largest airport in the world by passenger traffic. Over 100 million people travel through the Atlanta airport each year whether it’s for business or pleasure. This opens up opportunities to work with international clients as well as clients from every corner of the country.

Atlanta’s bus and railway system, MARTA, is one of the most convenient mass transit systems in the country. With stops all around downtown Atlanta, it’s easier than ever to move from place to place around the city.

Opus VO is the Perfect Choice for a Virtual Office in Atlanta

More and more businesses are setting up shop in Atlanta and signing up for virtual offices. Opus Virtual Offices, a leading provider of virtual office services, has a prestigious location in the upscale Buckhead district of Atlanta. Join the ranks of some of the biggest companies in the world with a virtual office in Atlanta from Opus!