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How Mobile Dog Groomers Benefit from Virtual Offices


Dogs, they’re great, aren’t they? Dogs can make even the saddest person smile. After much thought, you finally came up with a business idea that combines your love for dogs with your love for styling. One problem, finding the right lease. Business leases especially today are extremely expensive and most of your profits will go to paying the rent. So, what other options are there? Mobile dog groomers.

Mobile dog grooming has become a huge business opportunity, especially during post-covid times. People find the business coming directly to them is much more convenient and are willing to pay extra for that service. Of course, running a mobile grooming business can be time consuming, and you can’t do it all at once. That’s where a virtual office comes in.

How A Virtual Office Helps

As a mobile dog groomer, you’re on the road all the time. You don’t have time to constantly pick up the phone as you need to focus on making the local golden retriever look like a superstar. With a company phone number and a dedicated live receptionist, you’ll never miss a voicemail or new client opportunity.

When the receptionist answers, they’ll use the name of your company and direct calls to the proper location and take messages. Rack up those new clients while you prepare your furry little friends for the gold medal competitions.

Prestigious Meeting Rooms

Speaking of competitions, dog shows around the country can be a great way to grow your mobile grooming business. Of course, the best way to grow your grooming business is to meet with prospective owners. Networking with dog shows is a great way to make it to the top and be the groomer that everyone envies.

Opus Virtual Offices, a leader in alternative workspaces, offers meeting room rentals in major cities across the country. Were you able to snag a meeting with clients who work with Westminster? Our prestigious New York conference rooms will give your meeting that added professionalism that’ll put your business above the rest. No need for pesky short-term leases.

Become the Best Mobile Dog Groomer with Opus VO

Ready to expand and buy more mobile grooming vans? With Opus Virtual Offices, you can have a professional business address in any major city without paying major city prices. Those Los Angeles poodles aren’t going to groom themselves. Expanding a business can be costly but with Opus, it’s as simple as one low price. With over 600 locations across the country, the opportunities are endless. Get ready to be the best mobile dog groomer in the business.

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