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With Gas Prices Rising, A Virtual Office Is Just A Matter Of Dollars And Sense

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Pulling into a gas station these days is about as pleasant as visiting the dentist with a cavity. Gas prices are through the roof.  If you’re a businessperson running multiple offices, business travel costs can mount up quickly and painfully.  But if you’re operating virtual offices, staying on top of business is pain-free.

AAA reports that gas prices are approaching bleak levels that haven’t been seen in over a decade. The average price per gallon of regular gas hit $3.65 in March 2022. In some states, such as California and New York, it’s a lot higher. With the situation in Europe, it’s only going to get worse.

A Virtual Office Is Just A Matter Of Dollars

Gas Prices are Insane. Don’t Stress with a Virtual Office

With gas prices rising, the immediate benefit of a virtual office becomes crystal clear.  Controlling costs is one of the main requirements for the success of any business.  With a traditional physical office space, the cost of transportation for the necessary staffing, as well for overseeing operations, is now spiraling dangerously upwards.

With a virtual office, you can run a multiple branch business remotely from a single location.  Transportation costs then decrease, and you eliminate the other operational expenses inherent in managing physical offices. You’ll save a lot of money and your company’s impact will still stretch across a territory, a state, or even the entire country!

Opus VO Will Save You Time and Money

Choose Opus Virtual Offices and get a complete virtual office package for only $99 a month.  Your company will receive a professional corporate business address with local phone and fax numbers in any of our hundreds of locations across the country as well as customized voicemail that converts to email, premium call transferring, and professional live receptionists personally answering and directing your customers’ calls.

Who knows where gas prices will be even two weeks from now?  Opus Virtual Offices can save dollars and makes a lot of sense.  Visit us without spending a dime on gas at today. Worry about gas prices no more!

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