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Non-Profit Organizations Benefit From Virtual Offices


Starting a non-profit is an arduous task. A lot of things must come together to get a non-profit off the ground. The most important duty of a non-profit is to raise money for your cause whether it’s mental health or cancer recovery.

In today’s economy, leasing an office is incredibly expensive. As your non-profit grows, you’re going to need a place where your mail can go and where you can hold meetings. You want to create positive change in the world and spending most of your money on leases and utilities will hold you back.

Of course, each state has their own rules regarding non-profits so be sure to check with your home state for the appropriate steps.

How A Virtual Office Helps

This is where a virtual office comes in. With a virtual office, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant office fees. You can focus most of your time on creating change in your community and spending less time at a desk. A major perk of a virtual office is having a professional business address. Your mail will be delivered to that address and there’s no need to fret about privacy and safety. Some people use their home address as their business address and with that comes some pitfalls. Worry no more with a professional business address.

Answering the phones. This one seems easy, right? For some non-profits, answering the phone is a crucial function. For less traditional non-profit organizations, this task is usually given to volunteers or an intern. The fact is that answering phones is often thankless and takes time out of your day. With a live, dedicated receptionist from Opus Virtual Offices, you’ll never miss an important call. The best part? You’ll receive a company phone number and a customized voicemail with your non-profit’s name.

Prestigious Meeting Rooms

An important role of running a non-profit is the charity events. They require a lot of planning and execution for everything to go right. Opus VO has meeting rooms available to rent across the country so you can get together with your team to plan the next big event. There’s no need to waste money on a space you use sporadically. Have an important meeting with sponsors? Opus VO meeting rooms are professionally staffed and will make a strong impression on your sponsors and will lead to more opportunities. Planning a charity 5K or a food drive? Our prestigious meeting rooms provide the perfect atmosphere for your meeting to succeed and get your message out there.

Choose Opus VO for Your Non-Profit

There are many choices when it comes to virtual office services. Opus Virtual Offices, a leader in the virtual office industry, provides all your virtual office needs for one low price, no hidden fees or surprises. Your new or existing non-profit is your world, so we’ll make sure you’ll have everything you need to make a difference in the community.

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