How Virtual Offices Can Benefit an Event Planner

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You’re at a wedding, and the first thing you notice is how well or poorly the reception is set up. You say to yourself “I could plan this better.” Maybe you could plan it better, but you won’t know until you try. So, you decide to become an event planner, and while it seems like a dream come true, financial issues could derail your dream before it even starts.

Save with a Virtual Office

With Opus Virtual Offices, don’t worry about those pesky office leases. A virtual office from Opus VO provides all the amenities of a physical office without paying abhorrent prices. There’s no longer a need to have a permanent office as you can schedule meetings with clients in one of Opus VO’s prestigious meeting rooms in most major cities.

Crafting your website for your event planning business is of upmost importance. In the event planning world, first impressions are important and going back and forth between creating your site and running a business can be stressful. With a virtual office, you no longer need to worry about menial everyday business tasks. A dedicated live receptionist will take your calls and messages and important calls will be transferred to you. Plus, you won’t have to argue with a landlord about leasing prices.

Out on the job and can’t take calls? Another great reason to have a professional live receptionist. You’ll also have a professional business address where your mail will be sent, and where you can hold your meetings. Need to move and change your business address? It’s super simple. No lease transferring or pointless office work, just focus on you and your product.

Major Event or Local Wedding? No Matter the Size, A VO Can Help

When it comes to planning a major event, whether it’s a wedding or bar mitzvah, you need 100% focus. The bigger the event, the more useful a virtual office becomes. Planning a corporate get together? Opus VO has prestigious meeting rooms in cities such as New York, Chicago, and Miami. Your clients will definitely be impressed from the moment they walk in. Opus Virtual Offices provides all these services for one low set price, no hidden fees or costs. Be the best event planner you can be with an Opus Virtual Office.