Live Your Hollywood Dream with a Virtual Office in Los Angeles

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The Academy Awards are this weekend and while many people don’t follow the show anymore, I can tell you one thing they’ll follow: your successful business because you signed up for a virtual office in Los Angeles. LA may be known as the city of stars but it’s also one of the biggest business centers in the world.

See Your Name in Lights

Los Angeles is home to the biggest names in business such as Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, and Mattel. With all the money you’ll save with a virtual office, there’s no reason your business won’t be up there with the best. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Entertainment? Design or construction? No matter what category your dream falls into, get ready for success in LA.

Avoid Those Bank Breaking Leases

We all know Los Angeles is ridiculously expensive. Rent, office leases, and especially gas prices are through the roof. Opus Virtual Offices, a top virtual office provider, only cost $99 a month. That’s it, no fine print, no bogus charges. So, what do you get with a virtual office from Opus VO?

You’ll receive a prestigious business address on Wilshire Blvd, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Conveniently located near award winning restaurants and the legendary home of the Los Angeles Lakers, your clients will instantly be amazed. After your successful meeting at one of Opus VO’s conference rooms, why not take your client out for some sushi in Little Tokyo, only 10 minutes away. How about a cheesy Hollywood tour of celebrity houses? You’ll never know who you might see.

Included with your Opus Virtual Office in Los Angeles will also be a dedicated live receptionist who’ll answer all your calls and messages and will transfer them to the appropriate destination. Never miss an important call again. With Opus VO, you’ll also build that ever so important business credit.

Live Like an Oscar Winner with a Virtual Office in Los Angeles

Conveniently located near major freeways and only 30 minutes from Los Angeles Int’l Airport, (A 30-minute drive in LA is lightning fast) your new or existing business will connect to the world. With a prestigious business address, world-class receptionists, and a possible clientele numbering in the millions, a virtual office in Los Angeles from Opus VO will make you a winner. Want to be even closer to the stars? Explore Opus Virtual Office’s Beverly Hills location, right off Rodeo Drive.