Don’t Get Fooled by Expensive Office Leases

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You’ve finally made your business dream a reality. You’re ready to bring your business to life and show the world. One problem…finding an office. A key to having a successful business is meeting spaces to talk with clients or investors. Seems simple, right? Not exactly. The average price for an office lease is rising by the day.

The average price for office leases in New York City for example is $14,800 a year. Yeah, just a little too expensive. Now, New York City is the most expensive city to rent office space, but other major cities aren’t far behind. There could be deals where you sign up for a year lease and you get a break on the price but at the end of the day, you’re still paying a high amount.

Many new businesses benefit from having an office space, but the problem is a lot of the time they don’t need to use it. Especially if they’re out in the field most of the time working. When you’re not using an office space, you might as well burn the money. So, what can you do? How about a virtual office?

Virtual Office Basics. No Office Leases Required

A virtual office has many similarities to a regular office space. One main difference is you’re not paying exorbitant rent fees. Opus Virtual Offices, a virtual office leader, offers complete virtual office services for $99 a month. Included with that is a dedicated live receptionist who will answer all your calls and take messages, so you’ll never miss one. You’ll also receive a professional business address where your mail will be sent. You can headquarter your business in New York or Chicago without paying big city prices.

For your business to grow and succeed, you’ll need to meet with clients and investors. With a virtual office, you can rent meeting and conference rooms per hour so you can have your meeting and go. It’s that simple! For example, when you rent a conference room with Opus VO, the more hours you reserve, the cheaper it becomes. Thousands of dollars and hours saved, no expensive office leases, no extra stress. Too good to be true? Nope, it’s that easy and inexpensive.

Opus VO is the #1 Choice for New Businesses

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a virtual office provider but only one provides the best service and amenities without the fine print. Opus Virtual Offices provides live receptionist services, a professional business address, company phone number, and business credit building all for $99 a month. No fine print.