The 4-Day Work Week is Coming. How Virtual Offices Simplify the Process.

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The Coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of change in America. Many people changed the way they do business, which type of commute they do, even which type of foods they eat. One thing that’s picking up steam in the US is already common in European countries: the 4-day work week.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a 4-day work week? Lazy employees? Less productivity? Loss of business income? Well, studies have shown that the shortened work week has incredible benefits.

More Productivity, Less Stress

A recent article from the Idaho Statesman profiled a local company that shortened their work week to four days after the height of the Covid pandemic. The company, Healthwise, found a lot of their employees quit during the pandemic and had problems retaining new ones. So, they tried the shortened work week. They found not only did employee productivity go up, but that their employees were more likely to recommend their employer to other people. Employees at Healthwise found their mental health improved significantly as well as a large reduction in work related stress. The company focuses on getting their tasks done rather than focusing on hours and it has worked great for them.

Other benefits from a shortened work week include reduced business expenses, less strain on the environment, and a much better work life balance. One thing that can also help employers who look to try a 4-day work week, a virtual office.

How a Virtual Office Helps the 4-Day Work Week

When you sign up for a virtual office, your business will automatically see benefits. With a virtual office, the need for a physical office disappears. No more pesky, wasteful office leases that take a chunk out of your profits. Let’s say you decide to take your company completely remote but still need some space for business meetings. Opus Virtual Offices, a leading virtual office provider, has prestigious meeting rooms in many major cities across the country. The best part, they’re affordable and rent by the hour so your wallet isn’t drained. Reap in the extra profits while still looking and feeling like a major business.

You’ll also receive a dedicated live receptionist who will record a custom voicemail for your company as well as answer and transfer your calls, so you’ll never miss an important client. Don’t worry about using your home address as your business address either. With Opus VO, you’ll receive a professional business address from a city of your choosing. New York, LA, Chicago, the possibilities are endless.

A Prosperous Future Awaits Your Business

Whether your business is part of the major trend of switching to a shorter work week or remote, a virtual office will provide great benefits. A virtual office can help expand your business across the country without handicapping your revenue streams. How great is that? Not only will your employees be happier, but you’ll be too with all those savings. Move your business into the 21st century with Opus Virtual Offices.